KElectric’s statement on the request to increase the price of electricity

K Electric has given clarification regarding the request for quarterly adjustment in NEPRA.

According to the spokesman, under the uniform tariff policy across the country, the federation keeps the electricity rates equal for the consumers.

The spokesman said that the quarterly adjustments are applied as per Nepra and government rules. These adjustments are applied for a limited period as determined by the regulator and the government.

According to the spokesperson, a request has been made to collect Rs 1.55 per unit for the second quarter adjustment of the financial year 2022. After approval, it will be applied to the units used in July, August, September 2022 and will be collected in April to June.

Similarly, for the first quarter adjustment of the financial year 2023, Rs 1.48 per unit to Rs 4.45 per unit has been requested to be applied to the units used in February and March 2023 after approval and received in the bill for April and May 2023. will be done.



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