Kelly Online|Foreign media published Chinese New Year recipes, surprised to see Ming Qian and auspicious decoration. Netizens shouted: Great auspiciousness | Headline Daily

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The Lunar New Year is approaching, and many foreign media will publish some articles about the Chinese New Year in order to cater for the festive atmosphere. However, some netizens have recently discovered Chinese New Year recipes published by the BBC and The Guardian in the UK. In the photos, they even see auspicious ceremonies and money for decoration, which are traditionally used in white affairs. , seriously “good luck is”!

The latest Chinese New Year recipes from the British BBC and the Guardian website, the photos above are decorated with auspicious yi and Ming money respectively. Among them, the Chinese dumplings of the Guardian can be seen next to the money and gold and silver clothes, while the BBC’s scallops with broccoli noodles are placed next to auspicious gifts. I believe that all Chinese people know that auspicious ceremonies and coins are only seen at funerals and sacrifices. Foreign media have little understanding of Chinese culture, and as a result, “attracting customers” has become “chasing customers”. I believe that Chinese people will feel unlucky when they see these accessories. .




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