“Kelly” replied, still single. Not closed but not ready New love, brave, afraid, must choose

“Kelly” Clearly Single There are people who talk, but still can only be friends, they say they do not close their hearts, but they are still brave and afraid that they are not ready to be friends with anyone as a girlfriend. The new love has to choose. Ask for a wall because I have been in love many times and the last time it was really heavy.

Was caught in the relationship with a girl. To the stage of launching on the birthday of 51 years old or not, but the latest “Kelly Thanapat” Has come out to clear, insisting that “It’s a song by Tita Sophonrat” Not a girlfriend, not a special person. His current status is that he is single. Accepting new love is still brave and afraid. You have to choose.

I’m single. I saw the news that came out. It’s nothing, just post a picture on IG to thank everyone on your birthday. But there are people watching to see that his younger sister is good-looking. It is estimated that it is suspected that we will launch. But I’m not single. Well, I posted pictures of everyone. Post to thank everyone, split into groups, into pairs, but now I don’t know either. to see if he is a special person or not (Isn’t this younger person special?) Everyone is special.”

Not confused, being watched alone.
“I’m not confused. How did you come? But when we saw the picture, we understood. We weren’t shocked that people were watching. But I feel that people are still interested in us. I want to know how our love life is I feel good that he is also interested After being on the news, I talked to my normal sister. it doesn’t have anything I don’t see it as strange or a big deal. We are single, it is normal for us to have news with someone or girls.”

I’m not closed, but I’m not ready new love must choose
“It’s not closed. but not yet ready It’s been a year already But in the past, it’s stuck during the covid period. we are at home When the lockdown is opened, we are only on the set. Haven’t had a chance to meet anyone yet. It’s not closed, but as of today, it’s still not ready. In order to have a new love, you have to choose. What word should I use? I mean, we’ve been through a lot of love stories. For me love is important. But not expecting love We have experienced unsuccessful love. will love again There is also a part that is still brave and afraid that friends don’t even recommend it. As I said, it’s just been through covids lately, but friends are helping each other out. and help screen it.”

Courageous, afraid of love, not ready to date anyone as a girlfriend.
“Even if I say that I’m still brave and afraid (not ready to take risks?) not that much is not rushing in love If it happens, it happens, not going to find it, but not closing it. But I’m not ready to date someone to the point of being a boyfriend, maybe not yet. with my feelings too There is no set time period. Things like this can’t be timed. maybe tomorrow or next year It depends on our luck and how it will be.

“Age is not a requirement for growing up. does not specify how much But the habits must be compatible. It takes more time. The specification is not that it has to be tall, short, skinny, fat, which is not fixed.”

Get some talk, but still be friends.
“There were some discussions, but as I said. due to covid It can only talk a bit. At first, someone contacted me. There are fans to support Both friends said that they have a younger brother. I want you to know, have some conversation (single but not close?) No, I’m single. I can’t say that he can’t come in first. because we haven’t talked to the point that we’re going to get together Let’s be friends first.”

Children are still alive because they are not children anymore.
“Children are still alive (smiles) if they meet someone, they are younger than us or not. It must think like this I didn’t look I will only date with children. but who most meet He is younger than us Most of the people who are close to our age already have families. Asked if I was still a child’s specs. You have to ask the child. Can’t ask me because I don’t know We must like children. because if older I would be difficult. It’s not that I don’t like older people. I’ve been dating someone who’s older than me. But you have to understand that I’m not a child anymore. meet someone who is older Most of the time, he had to have his family life. Most of the time he likes to say that Kelly likes kids. Of course, he must be younger than me.”

New love, let me have a wall heavy last love Until now I don’t want to be alone
“There’s a bit, like I said, I’m afraid to talk to anyone. I think it’s good? How to start, how to talk, how to proceed (still afraid of disappointment?) I have been disappointed many times after a while. This time, it’s the hardest. But because we have friends by our side, we support us. There is a lot of work to help. When it comes to filming a drama, it allows us to escape from the world where we have to sit and think, sit and be sad. We have dressed up as characters. allowing us to let go of personal matters especially at that time We have to play a brutal character. Has released a lot of emotions It really helps a lot. But until now, I still don’t like being alone. I spend more time with my friends.”

Went to visit Pattaya with friends for a birthday.
“My friend’s birthday Go and check everyone. Come back and check again. Everyone has gone to rest. It’s considered that I feel more comfortable. because usually a lonely person In my life, I like having a boyfriend. Wherever I go, I like to go with my girlfriend. but this time with friends Spending time with friends is good. Being with friends is very useful. And my dear friend too.”



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