Kellyanne Conway says she was being attacked & # 39; in Maryland restaurant

Kellyanne Conway

Advisor to President Kellyanne Conway rejected the idea that the presiding role of the president could be an alleged role last year. | Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Advisor to president Kellyanne Conway allegedly in a Friday interview that a woman in the Washington area restaurant was when she looked at her friends daughter and daughter.

In an interview with Conway issued by Dana Bash CNN, Conway details the experience known as the first time. Conway told Bash the incident that happened in the Washington suburb by women who were "uncontrolled" and "out of control."

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"I was close to my daughter and many friends at dinner and she was right here, just next to me. And her friends were also. And when someone was taking me from behind, I caught my hand and I was jumping to the point where I thought someone might have been fighting me, finding one of the other parents to pick up with their daughter, "she said. "And then when I turned around it, it felt weird but it felt that this was a bit aggressive. I sat around and the woman caught my hand."

Conway said the woman refused to leave the restaurant, and was at that point known as the police.

"She should pay for that because he has no right to contact anyone," said Conway. "She put her hands on me." I said, "Get your hands from me." She put her hands on me, he was climbing me and making it out of the front with my daughter then made a video her. & # 39;

CNN reported that a second step entry and disorderly behavior were taken to trial with alleged allegations of Conway for a trial scheduled for next month. The women's solicitor, in a statement to CNN, said that there was no attack and that their clients were implementing their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

"She did not attack Mr. Conway. This trial will show real facts and shows that Mr. Conway's account is false," said the solicitor.

Conway was reluctant to talk about the incident in public as it happened before her daughter. She said to Bash: "I do not want it to be a thing, I just want it to be a desirable time for everyone."

Conway's disclosure would be named on the list of Trump administrative officers who challenged harassment in the Washington area for their work in the White House.

Last year, Kirstjen Nielsen's Homeland Security Secretary was addressed to the D.C. Mexican activists protesting on the so-called zero tolerance policy and consequently the separation of immigrant family at the border. Stephen Miller, an immigrant cruelty and advisor to President Donald Trump, said colleagues were saying that he was being spent in public for his role in family separation policy.

The secretary secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant on January last year by her owner, quoting Trump's policy. This event has succeeded in closing the hardest backdrop of the restaurant on a temporary basis.

And Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency administrator's restaurant was noticed shortly before he got out of that position last summer.

Conway rejected the idea that Trump's casting role could be an entry, said Dash, arguing that the allegedly alleged blame is.

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