Ken Theeradej opens the cards to check the fortunes of the 2007 star drama Chapangpurie, Sagittarius people, flock

Ken Theeradej, the man of the nation, came to visit Don Tesem’s program in Pat. Open the cards to check the horoscope for Sagittarius people. I can tell you that the work is very bang puri. he will have miraculous success

The program was hit by Tesema in Pat “Every hit, pour, no matter how stunning, it must move forward” lead the army to move forward by “Sis Pat Napapha” during the contest to check the luck with Prinny this week National man “Ken Theeradej” comes to show the cards to check the horoscope, work, finance, love for Sagittarius people (22 November-21 December) Jupiter is a personal star. He is a person who does not need to study to know himself. Loves freedom, optimism. Likes to study philosophy or religion, causing young Ken to say, “He should have told me since he was a child. I’m going to quit school.”

Sagittarius work (22 Nov.-21 Dec.)

There are many opportunities to enter. But there is one thing I specifically want to do that I haven’t figured out yet.

Finance Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

There are costs and burdens. Ready to warn those born between 18-21 December to beware of being cheated, cheated, and wrong investment.

Love Sagittarius (22 Nov.-21 Dec.)

Singles get the chance to start over. and will develop relationships as well while the couple have the opportunity to do business together and has a constant growth By the end of Sagittarius love It is a love that is very big, very loving, very jealous, and likes to show affection in public.

Had Tesema in Pat

However, on October 9, there will be a Full Moon phenomenon in Libra. And it ends with a miracle, in happiness and success, with the “4 zodiac signs” that are influenced, including Sagittarius (22 November-21 December), Libra (22 September-21 October, August), Leo (22 July-21 August) and Aries (22 March-21 April) thrive in everything. is it work to meet the right person And the finances will have unexpected fortunes.

In this regard, Ken Theeradej is currently working as a director in the drama Superstar 2007, which draws stars from all over the sky in Thailand to join the show. opposite Ann Thongprasom, which has already aired and received a very good response

Had Tesema in Pat

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Had Tesema in Pat

Had Tesema in Pat

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