Ken Watanabe’s “50th birthday” is a family date with his wife, Nozomi Sasaki, and the complete recovery is a scary path … From the television industry, it is criticized as “I have lost my skills as an entertainer’ ‘ | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Around the evening of September 23, Watanabe tried to get into a taxi waiting in front of his apartment with three people.

In February 2022, she made an “earthly comeback” on the local program “Black and White Unjash” (Chiba TV), and refrained from appearing after the relationship. The season that was early spring has suddenly changed to autumn.

Autumn is a special season for Unjash Ken Watabe. Because September 23rd is my birthday.

Watanabe, who turned 50 on this day, went on a “family date” with his wife, Nozomi Sasaki (34), and his beloved son. No matter how difficult things get, the “unity” of the family doesn’t seem to change.

Eight months have passed since the program initially returned, but there is no sign of a full return. A spokesman for the commercial key station said:

“Occasionally I watch ‘Black and White Unjash’ on air, but Mr Watanabe is still a bit scared.
I feel like my skills are declining because I had a long “hiatus” as an entertainer… At that rate, I don’t think there will be an offer as a diversity worker.”

Instagram, which had not been updated since leaving all programs and advertisements, resumed on September 9. The day before, Watanabe himself was actively open, as an article on a dialogue with Koji Higashino (55) published on “RED Chair +”.

“During the conversation, Mr Watanabe boasted that a certain company had asked him to give a lecture and that he had a very good reputation. It seems that there is a job that the managers and others are asking for.

However, “full recovery” is still a tricky road. TV stations still fear that using Mr Watanabe will cause a “backlash” from viewers and the sponsor will leave.” (entertainment reporter)

In addition, Watabe appeared as a guest several times in “Ame Talk! (TV Asahi) revealed a shameful fact.

“Yu Sawabe of Haraichi, who took part in the recording, revealed that Yutaka Seshita of Tenjikunezu was also involved.

Speaking of Mr. Seshita, in March 2022 after Mr. Watabe, a scandal of adultery and abortion requests was revealed, and he refrained from activities.

However, it means that they have achieved “national gains” first. Mr. Higashino is the only fellow comedian who has personally invited Mr. Watanabe to come back…” (Same as above)

I cannot expect support from those around me, but I envy Sasaki’s firm support in my private life.

“Mr. Sasaki supports her husband who is aiming for resurrection. She has a strong commitment to being ‘family’ and does not think about divorce at all. ‘I can protect my family on my own.’ He seems to be working hard.” (Performance person)

Is there a “second life” that would surprise Nobunaga Oda, who has lived for 50 years?

Photo by Osamu Ito

(FLASH weekly combined edition October 18th and 25th, 2022)

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