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Kengo Suzuki “I happened to win” Run to Paris without forgetting humility –Land: Nikkan Sports

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◇ 28th ◇ Departure and arrival at Ojiyama Athletics Stadium in Otsu City, Shiga (42.195km)

Finally, the Japanese marathon world broke through the wall of 2 hours and 5 minutes. Kengo Suzuki (25 = Fujitsu) won the first victory in Japan with a new record of 2 hours 4 minutes 56 seconds. In Tokyo last March, Suguru Osako (29 = Nike), the representative of the Tokyo Olympics (Olympic Games), broke the previous record of 33 seconds and set his personal best for more than 5 minutes. According to the official website of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, he joined the runners in the 2 hours and 4 minutes range, which had only 58 people in the world. These 58 players have African roots and African roots, and Suzuki’s time is also valuable in the world. There is no reward of 100 million yen, and I can’t even appear in the Tokyo Olympics. However, at the last event held at Lake Biwa, which was integrated with the Osaka Marathon, a historic record was set.

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2 hours 4 minutes level-. Suzuki easily arrived at an area where Japanese players had not yet arrived. Take your sunglasses just before the finish tape. I pushed my arms up and cut the glorious tape. And thank you. You won’t fall or run out of breath. While showing his white teeth, he walked to the interview table with plenty of spare capacity. “I’m really surprised. I don’t think there will be such a time.” No wonder. It has been said that the course running along the lake is windy and difficult to record. The highest Japanese team in the past was 2 hours 7 minutes 52 seconds marked by Yutani in 2001. Above all, my personal best was 2 hours 10 minutes 21 seconds.

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The countdown to feats accelerated from mistakes. Water supply around 36 km. I missed the bottle. I thought I was a little “done”, but I’m not thirsty. I’ve been observing the rivals all the time. I made up my mind. Water supply is when the rhythm of running changes. Set up at once, leaving Kariuki and Hijikata behind. I changed the non-calculation to a win. After traveling alone, I hear the voices of the roadside. “I can go to the Japanese record”, “I can run out of 5 minutes”. That helped me to significantly improve my goal of breaking my own record. The pace has increased significantly after 35km. The second half of the stall, which was an issue, was overcome by having him create his own muscle strengthening menu, which was his strength.

The weight of this record is not limited to Japan. In the past, the only players who have hit the 2 hour and 4 minute range are Africans and players with roots in Africa. For the first time in that area, I made a name for myself. This fact also shows that it is a feat more than the title of Thailand, which is 57th in the world history. “The world is full of people in the 1-minute and 2-minute range. I don’t know if I can fight in that. I hope I can make up for the difference,” he said.

At the Tokyo Olympics, there was a time when he aimed to become a representative of the 10,000 meters. However, he was keenly aware that he couldn’t compete on the track at 33rd place in the same category of the Japan Championship last December. I changed my direction to aim for the 2012 Paris Olympics marathon representative. After a complete defeat there, he decided to participate and became a Japanese record holder at 42.195km, which he ran as a general participant. He won the section prize for “Hana no 2 Ward” in the Hakone Ekiden when he was in the 3rd year of Kanagawa University, but he said, “I haven’t been gorgeous so far, so I’ll continue to do my best. The attitude remains humble. “It’s like I happened to win again this time.” The road leading to Paris, which is beyond Tokyo. Going forward while staring at your feet.[Yuta Ueda]

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○… The Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, which boasts the longest history in Japan, has reached its 76th anniversary. From 2010, it will be integrated with the Osaka Marathon and will be held in Osaka. It was the last race in Shiga, though it produced many great games. Currently, large-scale urban marathons are the mainstream in the world. Although it is superior in terms of acquiring sponsors, it is difficult to make a large-scale citizen marathon every day, mainly due to traffic conditions. Participation of influential players is decreasing, and the way the tournament should be, including profitability, was being questioned.

◆ Born June 11, 1995 (Heisei 7), born in Uwajima City, Ehime.

◆ Career Jotochu, Uwajima Higashitaka, Kanagawa University, Fujitsu.

◆ Competition Due to the influence of my father, Kazuyuki, who has participated in the national high school relay road race, I started in earnest when I was in middle 1. During junior high school, on holidays, he followed Kazuyuki’s scooter and continued to run 10 kilometers along the coastline.

◆ Self-record 5000 meters 13 minutes 57 seconds 88, 10,000 meters 27 minutes 49 seconds 16, half marathon 1 hour 1 minute 36 seconds.

◆ Shoes Nike platform.

◆ Hakone Ekiden 1st year 6th ward 19th place, 2nd year 2nd ward 14th place, 3rd year 2nd ward section prize, 4th year 2nd ward 4th place (ranking is section).

◆ Softball Played until the 5th grade of elementary school, mainly 9th first base.

◆ Favorite food Yakiniku, sushi, mandarin oranges.

◆ Favorite things Shopping, watching fish.

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◆Blood type B.

◆ Size Height 163 cm, weight 48 kg.

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