Kentucky DC Matt House staying in school, without contacting Chief Executives

The Chief Leaders still need coach linebackers.

The University of Kentucky confirmed that Matt House's defense co-ordinator is waiting for the days of the university after your ESPN report has subsequently been in line with the defense co-ordination team of Chief Executive Steve Spagnuolo as the candidate coach.

Former former former CEO Mike Smith, co-ordinator, hired the venue for three seasons, a similar position with the Packers in late January. Mark Deleone, who was responsible for the Chiefs within lines, took the same job as the Chicago Bears.

Although there is no House with the staff, the Main Reasons were guaranteed that two other assistants would be assigned to Spagnuolo. Earlier Saturday, Patriot's defense line coach Brendan Daly was headed over Kansas City. It was also reported that the assistant of Jacksonville, David Merritt, chaired the Chief Executives as a secondary coach.

The Head of these applications did not affirm.

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