KEPCO, special inspection for cold wave… ‘There is no abnormality in electricity supply and demand this winter’

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) announced on the 1st that it has started to check power facilities in advance and establish an emergency response system in case of an emergency in preparation for this winter’s cold wave.

In preparation for an emergency, KEPCO has set the winter electricity supply and demand countermeasure period from January 1 to February 28 next year, and operates electricity supply and demand countermeasures situation rooms at the headquarters and 15 regional headquarters.

In collaboration with power-related organizations such as the Korea Power Exchange, the supply and demand situation will be monitored in real time and managed intensively.

However, KEPCO predicted that the peak period for electricity demand this winter would be the third week of January next year (supply capacity of 111,178 MW, maximum power of 93,300 to 93,500 MW) and that electricity supply and demand would maintain a stable level.

Inspection of power facilities in preparation for the cold season has already been implemented.

KEPCO is conducting special inspections on major transmission and distribution facilities, such as pre-inspection of major facilities, relieving transformer overload in preparation for increased heating load, and preventing power outage damage.

Panoramic view of KEPCO Naju headquarters

Conducted preliminary inspections of 706 places including important transmission lines such as national industrial complexes and underground (complex) substations located within multi-use facilities, and inspected 15,747 switchgears to be inspected in heavy load areas using scientific diagnostic equipment such as thermal imaging. The inspection of power facilities is being strengthened, such as immediately reinforcing defective switchgear.

In addition, through remote load monitoring of about 185,000 distribution transformers, if an overload is expected, the transformer is replaced immediately to prepare for an increase in heating load.

To prevent power outages, we are also checking the normal operation of firefighting equipment, such as automatic fire detection facilities and fire receivers at 797 power distribution outlets.

In addition, a regular support system has been prepared to enable prompt recovery in case of power outages due to customer-owned premises facility factories of apartment houses (apartments).

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The plan is to support power supply in case of emergency through temporary power supply facilities such as mobile generators and emergency generators, even in the event of a long-term power outage, such as failure of power reception facilities due to freezing in winter.

Jeong Seung-il, president of KEPCO, said, “As unexpected situations may occur, we will continue to promote safety inspection and management of major power facilities. We will do everything we can to stabilize the electricity supply and demand in winter so that electricity can be used.”


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