Kerala raises milk price by Rs.6; Three rupees less Tamil Nadu

Chennai: The government has decided to increase the price of milk in the state. It was decided to increase Rs. The government explained that Milma and the farmers are in a dire financial situation and that they cannot proceed without raising the prices. While the price of milk in Kerala is on the rise, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu has reduced it by Rs.

DMK’s election promise of Rs 3 reduction per liter of milk was implemented by Chief Minister MK Stalin from November 4. In Tamil Nadu, milk is sold through Aavin, a state government cooperative. There is also a discount card. The government has also subsidized cattle to cover the losses due to the fall in milk prices. The price of toned milk (blue) decreased from Rs.43 to Rs.40. It is Rs 37 for cardholders. Standard milk (green): Rs 44 (new rate), Rs 47 (old).

Meanwhile, milk prices have increased in Karnataka since September 11. Another three rupees. After three years, the price of milk in Karnataka is increasing. Milk is sold through the Karnataka Milk Federation. With the recent price hike, Kerala has become the South Indian state that charges the highest price for milk. Now, Milma Neela cover milk price will be Rs 52 per litre. The price of fodder has been increased by Rs 4 per kg. A sack costs Rs 200. Dairy farmers are asking how increasing the price of milk after increasing the price of feed will benefit them, and Milma last increased the price of milk on September 19, 2019. The increase was four rupees that day.

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