Keroro, the Abominable Movement can be viewed with copyright at POPS Anime Thailand

Copyright good stuff! Keroro, the Abominable Movement it can be viewed in a copyrighted way on YouTube Anime POPS Thailand got it today

On January 16, 2023, YouTube channel POPS Anime Thailand brought Keroro anime. The pop-up movement is troubling the world. Thai dub format Come show it to watch for free with copyright today. New episodes will come every Monday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM Yes, yes.

The story of Keroro, the abominable movement in the world tells the story of Keron’s army Prepared to take over the human world with military force, but on the first day of action Corporal Keroro, the leader of the Keroro Corps who infiltrated the world got ahead , was accidentally captured by the Hinata brothers.

When the main army heard the matter, they went back. and ordered the Keroro to take over the world alone The Keroros have done all kinds of things. to find a way to catch Pekopong Even if it fails every time because of Keroro’s personality. At the same time, he must protect the world from danger. and other alien groups

The History of Keroro: The World’s Worst Movement by Mine Yoshizaki was first published in 1999.

For anyone who wants to go back to the old days and watch the fun without limits, you can watch POPS Anime Thailand.

Credit: Marumura Entertainment

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