Kesara Thanyalakpark The brains behind Chatchat Sittiphan’s Land Slide

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesara Thanyalakpark or Dr. Yui, Managing Director Sena Development Public Company Limited

Part1 A man named Chatchart Sitthiphan, the new Bangkok governor.

Collaboration that started with faith :

“Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan is the person who started the marathon. without knowing when the competition will begin This made me feel amazed with my determination and full of determination and determination.”

Mr. Chatchat started to visit the working area. Since before it was announced that there will be an election for the Bangkok governor for 2 years and it is working every day. In a way that he doesn’t know the destination that there may or may not be an election for the Bangkok governor, Mr. Chatchart continues to do his work. which people can do something like this Only requires the utmost determination and determination. So it can do something like this.

The dimensions that see Bangkok’s problems are white and black:

Inequality in Bangkok is divided into four main areas: income inequality, security inequality, and access to education. and inequality in access to health care systems, but the first two issues are income inequality and security inequality The root cause, it originated from … inequality in access to education. and inequality in access to public health service systems.

Someone once said that Bangkok is a good city for only the rich. and maybe that is A reflection of the vast inequality which this inequality The private image that can be seen is not from “Diligence” or “laziness”

but it came from “Starting out at an uneven starting point” Some people have not started running and are near the finish line. while some people at the beginning of the run were far from Start point many kilometers, which is like this, even if diligence is equal These two will take a very different time to reach the finish line.

Therefore, to correct the inequality Therefore, it must be solved since “beginning” by making “everyone” There is a chance for the finish line that is as close as possible: access. “Education and Health Service System” in order to have a continuous effect on “Earn money and wealth” next in the future

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The powers of the Bangkok governor and the solution to the problem:

Must separate this matter into 2 issues: 1. The power that the governor BMA has and can do it. 2. The Bangkok Governor must coordinate with other organizations. in driving work

“The governor of Bangkok, therefore, should not start from the way of thinking that Anything that is not under the authority of the Bangkok Governor will not do, but the way of thinking should be started from what problems the people of Bangkok have and what to do for Bangkok. livable for them then gradually be processed and searched for methods for solving various problems more of them.”

for example Resolving inequality in education In my personal opinion, the power of the governor Bangkok can do because there is a school under Bangkok, which is already embracing the people of the slum community. Just… the question now is, even if studying for free? But what can be learned “Compare” with the change of the world or not?

“Bangkok is the number one tourist city in the world. But schools under Bangkok that teach 2-3 languages ​​are only less than 30%.”

Although the curriculum changes May be beyond the power of the Bangkok Governor to be able to do so because, however, the Ministry of Education is still covered. But it’s not that “Can’t start” but it has to gradually Start doing it step-by-step in a systematic way. to lead to sustainable solutions

Part2 Strategy and Political Competition

Political competition in the view of Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesara :

“Our challenge is not to win anyone. But our problem is to do something for the people in the way we want to do. What must be done?”

The question received from Mr. Chatchat from the beginning was how to make Bangkok a livable city for all people. And this problem has never changed. Even if they begin to appear as competitors in the Bangkok governor’s election battlefield, so no matter who declares their attitude or how the policy Therefore, it has no effect on walking according to the problem that has been set in the first place.

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what you do Especially during the last curve of the campaign, it is not responding, but has a duty to explain what other people are saying. And social media has made a huge contribution to bringing these descriptions to more people.

“Khun Chatchat told me that It’s like running a marathon and timing it. We used to be able to run two hours before, but now we want an hour and a half without trying to compare other people’s runs.”

How to make a 56 year old POP for New Voter :

“The way to do strategy is to break up groups to really answer everyone’s questions.”

As said, the source of the problem is making with everyone But all the people that we have been separated into groups such as teenagers, working age groups. or the elderly Then come back to see what each group has in mind that Bangkok. also a challenge It’s not a good word for them. and then gradually find a solution, and when Solution out, the team has communicated out

However, none of these strategies will ever succeed. Without expressing the determination and determination of Mr. Chatchat until gaining the trust of the people because everyone can say what to do But will the people believe it or not? That’s what’s even more important.

Strategies to break the polarity to unite:

“Why do we have to think There are only two extremes in this world?”

In my personal opinion, I think Most of us tend to choose to stay. “Middle” more, which has one story that I want to share And I think it’s probably close to this, namely, from my experience in selling condominiums, it was found that between floors 1-8, most people might think that floor 8 would be the best seller. but in fact it is The floor in the middle, the 4-5th floor, is actually the most popular. That’s because people who have never lived in condominiums often think that selection at the top or lowest Might have to encounter problems here and there. therefore often choose to stay in the middle floor that you think is the safest first which most Thai people tend to have this principle is like When I’m not sure about something I will try to choose what is in the middle first. which is not something wrong

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“Actually, it’s in line with what we’re facing right now. Well, when it’s a very different pole, it’s Going nowhere, which makes Khun Chatchat come out. It has become an option that people are looking for.”

4 years at work and 214 campaign policies:

“If you look carefully at more than 200 policies, some of them are already Action Plans.”

214 There are not many policies compared to the needs of Bangkokians. Including the problem that we have set is that Bangkok is a livable city for all people. and things that really need to be done It wasn’t that much. In addition, some of them are Action Plans that have been detailed in the first place. So it can be done immediately. The conceptual part is separated on how to go into details.

“I don’t think that the policy that we have all thought is the word finish within 4 years or not, because I think it is the starting point that must be continued and improved more and more. Some things may not be 100% perfect, but at least start in that direction.”

Dr. Yui and the position of Deputy Governor of Bangkok :

“I think there are people who are smarter and more suitable than you. for working in the duties of Deputy Governor of Bangkok.”

In this regard, my personal opinion is that I myself would be more suited to strategizing and advocating for the 214 policies that came up with the goals I had set.

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