Kevin Durant and manager praise, trust Yuta Watanabe brought to Nets “Resonate by passing to open players”-Basket Count | Basket Account

The scene where Durant sent a ticket to Watanabe is a representative example of “trust”

Immediately after opening the season, the Nets stumbled at the beginning with four losses in a row, and at the end of the seven games, head coach Steve Nash retired by mutual agreement and continued to be confused. But the Nets are now on a winning streak under interim head coach Jack Vaughn and are starting to pick up steam.

In the game against the Hornets on the 5th, he won a stunning come from behind with a 21-7 run with 6 and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter to 98-94. Kevin Durant, the mainstay of the Nets, showed real play with 27 points in this game, but this big run did not depend on Durant’s individual skill, but was born from a team offense that passed scattered passes.

The Nets are improving because the players trust each other and play as a team. Bourne’s head coach referred to the scene where Yuta Watanabe, who received a pass from Durant, scored a 3-pointer as a play that emphasized “trust”.

“After the game, I told everybody to play one,” Bourne said. “I asked Yuta Watanabe, ‘Have you met Kevin Durant?’ He drove from the right and passed to Yuta Watanabe, who was open in the corner. players trusted each other throughout the game, and that play represented that.”

When asked about the issue, Durant also agreed with the manager’s comments. “I’ve met Yuta before, but I’ve never sat down and had a long conversation with him, so I think he said no. But wait, Yuta, we played basketball with each other. But I know what the coach says. Trust even if you don’t know the players well. If anyone is on the court and they are open, you pass them. That way (trusting each other) I think it will resonate.”

Watanabe in the Hornets game was active in offense and defense with 8 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and 1 block, and continued to stand on the court for 10 minutes in the 4th quarter. There is no doubt that he gained more trust from the team by sinking a 3-point shot from Durant’s assist in the first place and becoming the center of the counterattack.

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