Kevin Garnett gave a description of the presence within these walls & # 39; in Boston back

The Boston University won the women's Beanpot on Tuesday night, and Harvard 3-2 met in overtime. This is Beanpot's first win of the team since 1981, and the first time as a varsity program.

The Celtics won the 76ers competition on Eastern Conference power houses, 112-109. Gordon Hayward hit seven of the seven shots across the arc to guide the team with 26 points from the bench.

And the Bruins managed to manage six goals without David Pastrnak injured. Boston came to the Blackhawks, 6-3.

Kevin Garnett praised a new Celtics practice facility: When Kevin Garnett was with the Celtics, the team was still a teenage facility in Waltham. But that changed over the past year when the team moved to the new Auerbach 70,000 foot Center at New Balance New World HQ in Brighton.

Garnett invited your cameras to follow him and went to the pristine center for the first time.

"This is the ritual," said Garnett's entry, saying he was "a bit bigger".

"Regardless of the walls, these walls always have a presence," said Garnett. "Whenever you come in here, and go to the game tonight, watch it. You're feeling the presence of the license there. It's special about Boston."

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How are the patriots scouting the speeds?: Ultimately – who knows when – the real Patriots will have to replace Tom Brady. Future planning is now talking about that way. It can be interesting how Bill Belichick's team goes under that process. The recent help of the Jerry Schuplinski People with Andrew Callahan has recently been set out to describe how New England quarterbacks allow. [MassLive]

Free Agents Patriots: The Patriots have some decisions in the offseason. Not only does the team have to replace many coach centers, but there may also be some external players. A free agency may mean that information faces are leaving New England [ESPN]

Update from Red Sox spring training:

On this day: In 1994, Tommy Moe, born of Alaskan, won the gold medal in the hill of men at the Winter Olympics 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. He added the local favorite Kjetil André Aamodt through 0.04 seconds (a planned margin of victory that is less than a ski length).

In 2011, David Beckham's other crucial route found that Darius Vassell had the right right in a double way, which allows England to connect friendly to the Netherlands.

Daily emphasis: Jayson Tatum has become one of the best highlights of the season to spin and slam.


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