Kevin Smith pays back to Captain Marvel for the Stan Stan cameo metaphor

Photo: Tommaso Drowning (Getty Images for IMDb) t

As we noticed earlier this month, Captain Marvel features of character Stan Lee are breaking more than average Stan Lee cameo (even the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 it was the same person or the same person who gave the impression of each character he played Teen Titans Go! To the Movies one who had to leave when he realized it was a DC film. Specifically, a scene set out in 1995 by Brie Larson's Carol Danvers passing through a train, hunting Skrulls, when she sees Stan Lee reading the script for Kevin Smith. Mallrats—A reference to the fact that the Stan Stan cameo cameo in that film in the 1995 figure.

After Captain Marvel he came out and saw Smith the reference to his own film, he put Instagram on a nice photo about how much he meant to him (as well as the standard question about whether he survived or didn't get a Thanos dive; it is now technically in the MCU).

Today, Smith shared another Instagram photo showing that he is paying Captain Marvel back with a mini-cameo in his part Jay And Silent Bob The film was repeated, with Jason Lee – as it was Mallrats Brodie character – collecting her Captain Marvel Brie Larson falsely observed Stan Lee in his film. It is a tour of references and references, essentially Kevin Smith.


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