Key Accomplice Revealed in Interrogation: Police Shed Light on Recruitment Scam Conspiracy

Accomplice’s Crucial Role in Fraud Case Comes to Light During Police Interrogation

In a significant breakthrough, police authorities have identified Raheez as the main accomplice in the ongoing investigation. The extent of his involvement was revealed during the questioning conducted at Canton Station. Basit, who was also subjected to intensive interrogation, was interrogated alongside Raheez.

Thorough Police Interrogation as per Akhil Mathewy’s Complaint

Acting on the complaint lodged by Akhil Mathewy, legal counsel Basit and Raheez were apprehended and transported to Thiruvananthapuram for comprehensive questioning at the cantonment station. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Haridasan, the complainant in this case, will soon be brought to Thiruvananthapuram for further investigation. Police authorities have stated that if their involvement in the fraudulent activities is proven, they will face prosecution.

Two Individuals Under Scrutiny Based on Akhil Mathew’s Complaint

Additionally, in connection with Akhil Mathew’s complaint, Thiruvananthapuram police are currently investigating two individuals in regards to their involvement in the alleged conspiracy.

Accused in Recruitment Scam Makes Startling Revelations

In a surprising turn of events, Lenin Raj, who had been accused in the recruitment scam pertaining to the health minister’s office, has disclosed some serious revelations. According to Lenin, certain members of the media, including a reporter associated with a prominent news channel, were allegedly involved in an anti-government conspiracy.

Lenin Raj Uncovers Truth in Live Interview

Lenin Raj made these shocking revelations during a live interview with the aforementioned news channel. Subsequently, he clarified these allegations in a conversation with Kairali News, following the exposure on the news channel.

Efforts Underway to Unearth the Truth

The latest developments in both cases have sparked renewed interest among investigators and journalists alike. As the police delve deeper into the matter, it remains to be seen how these intricate webs of deceit will be untangled. The public eagerly awaits justice to prevail and for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions.

Adv. Police said Raheez was the main accomplice. The crucial role became evident in the questioning held at Canton Station. The police interrogated Basit along with Raheez.

Based on Akhil Mathewy’s complaint, Basit, Adv. Raheez was brought to Thiruvananthapuram and both were questioned in detail by the police at the cantonment station. It is informed that Haridasan, the complainant in the case, will also be brought to Thiruvananthapuram soon. The police said that if their role in the fraud is proven, they will be prosecuted.

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After the allegation of a recruitment scam in the health minister’s office was proven false yesterday, the person accused in the case, Lenin Raj, made serious revelations. “Lenin’s revelation that the reporter, including the channel’s reporter, had been part of an anti-government conspiracy.

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The accused in the case, Lenin Raj, revealed this in a live interview given to the reporter’s channel. Meanwhile, after the revelation on the reporter channel yesterday, Lenin explained this to Kairali News.

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