Key Reveals the Reason Behind His Close Bond with Minho and Taemin on Stage

SHINee’s Key Reveals a Surprising Revelation During Performance

In a recent appearance on the YouTube channel ‘Wonder K’, Key from the popular K-pop group SHINee opened up about a secret observation he made on stage. During the segment titled “Why are you so curious about Key’s massage? You’re really curious about my album!”, Key discussed various profiles and posts that were discovered while searching his name.

During the discussion, Key revealed, “When I talk, I often notice that Taemin stands alone while Key and Minho stand together. Many fans have commented on our dynamic, saying things like ‘Key and Minho are soul mates’ and ‘The chemistry between them is that of an old couple’. Others have described Taemin as a cute cat.” Key shared one particular fan post that caught his attention.

The fan’s post stated, “I couldn’t help but notice that Key and Minho are always standing so close to each other on stage. At first, I wondered why they were so attached, but then I realized that Jonghyun used to stand between Taemin and Minho during performances.”

Key acknowledged this observation, saying, “It’s true. After standing as a five-member group for over 10 years, it has become second nature for us to maintain this formation on stage. It’s not intentional, but rather something we have become accustomed to.” He further expressed his surprise, emphasizing that the members of SHINee also found this realization intriguing.

In addition to their discussion, Key presented a photo of the group on stage, including the late Jonghyun. He explained, “This is how we are positioned on stage right now.” It is worth mentioning that Jonghyun tragically passed away in 2017. However, his presence is still acknowledged through SHINee’s subsequent albums, including their 6th full-length album ‘The Story of Light’, 7th full-length album ‘Don’t Call Me’, and their most recent 8th full-length album ‘HARD’, all of which feature his work.

This revelation by Key gives fans a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics within the group, shedding light on the strong bond shared by its members even after facing such adversity.

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[OSEN=유수연 기자] SHINee’s Key shared a secret on stage.

On the 18th, the YouTube channel ‘Wonder K’ posted a video titled “Why are you so curious about Key’s massage? You’re really curious about my album!”, while SHINee’s Key appeared and posted the profiles and the posts that came up by searching his name, read and talk.

On this day, Key said, “When I talk, I often see Taemin alone (Key and Minho are together) but separately. Most people say things like, ‘ Key and Minho are soul mates,’ ‘The chemistry between an old couple is great. ,’ and ‘Taemin is like a cute cat.’ “I read one fan’s post.

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The fan continued, “Maybe it’s just me who feels that way, but at first I wondered why Minho and Kibum (Key) were so close to each other when they were standing. But after watching the performance on the 3rd, I realized Jonghyun’s place was between Taemin and Minho.” he did

Key, who read the article, said, “But this is it. Having maintained a five-person formation for over 10 years, I feel like I’m standing like this without even realizing it. I can’t help it. It’s not deliberately, but it’s a formation I’ve become accustomed to.” “We are also very surprised,” he said, drawing attention.

Additionally, looking at a photo of five people, including Jonghyun, on stage, Key added, “This is what we’re doing on stage right now.”

The late Jonghyun died suddenly in 2017. However, after his death, the 6th full-length album ‘The Story of Light’, the 7th full-length album ‘Don’t Call Me’, and the 8th recently released full length album ‘HARD’ all included in Jonghyun’s ‘work activities’. , still with SHINee members.


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