Key Talks About His New Album ‘Good and Great’ and Future Plans

Key Discusses New Album ‘Good and Great’ on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’

Idol Key, member of SHINee, appeared on the renowned JTBC program ‘Newsroom’ on the 17th. In an interview with Jiyoung Kang, he shared insights into his highly anticipated new album ‘Good and Great’ and discussed his plans for the future.

Key’s Third Comeback of the Year

Key, known for his multifaceted talents, has made several notable appearances in the news. From his participation in MBC’s popular variety show ‘I Live Alone’, where he showcased his gardening skills, to taking on the role of host for ‘News Today’, Key has proven his versatility. In addition to his entertainment endeavors, Key has earned the title of ‘interview master’, offering unique perspectives on K culture and his own music.

The Making of ‘Good and Great’

During the interview, Key opened up about the process of creating his new album. He expressed his desire to rest and explore new musical concepts, emphasizing the importance of showcasing both sides of his identity as a singer and a member of SHINee. Key’s sincerity and dedication to his craft were evident as he discussed the meaning behind the album’s title track, which carries a message of resilience and self-acceptance.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Key also shared a heartwarming story about his recent contribution towards supporting the cost of blood cancer drugs. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to make a positive impact and vowed to continue being an inspiration to the youth. Key’s genuine passion for making a difference in the world was evident as he discussed his aspirations of becoming a role model.

Future Endeavors

Key concluded the interview by expressing his desire to constantly evolve and incorporate current trends into his work. He emphasized the importance of embracing change and always striving for personal growth. With ‘Good and Great’ gaining international recognition and topping charts worldwide, fans are eager to witness Key’s future endeavors and the artistic direction he will pursue.

Key’s appearance on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’ provided a captivating insight into his journey as an artist and left viewers anticipating his future achievements. As Key continues to captivate audiences with his performances, his ability to connect with fans on a deeper level remains unmatched.

Key appeared on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’ on the 17th.
Jiyoung Kang announcer and new album
‘Good and Great’a
We had a related story.

Key thoughts on his third comeback this year,
Introducing new songs, of course,
About future activity plans and goals
It was an honest and rich story.

There are quite a few connections between Key and ‘news’.
Previously on MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’
Grow a small garden
He appeared on MBC news footage.
After that, he took over as the host of ‘News Today’.
‘Idol News
This is a key that also has a new modifier.

In particular, Key is also known as the ‘interview master’.
He is an idol and at the center of culture and the music industry.
He revealed his beliefs about K culture as well as his own music.
He has told his story.

Appeared in ‘Newsroom’
“How did you prepare this album?
I feel like I can be honest
“I have to appear on ‘Newsroom.'”
He began to speak.

“The desire to rest and
Although there is a desire to introduce a new concept,

Singer Key and member of SHINee Key
I want to show you both sides
“This is our third return this year.”

About ‘Good and Great’
“I don’t think I can be happy every moment I work.
Even to myself
I don’t think we should praise him.
The words are ‘OK, I’m doing well, I’m getting over it.’
The message of this song is implied
“I think it’s part of it.”
It was introduced.

For the recent revelation of a story about supporting the cost of blood cancer drugs
“The donations were put to good use.
I felt lucky and proud.

I don’t just do my job and do it
Hopefully he will continue to be a good influence on the youth as well.
“I want to become a cool but not bad adult.”
He also revealed his thoughts.

“Keep trying things that are popular now and incorporate them into your work,
I try not to get trapped inside myself.

dancing, singing,
Everyone makes entertainment
Accept it naturally
I think this is the point I want to get to.
“I want to show myself constantly.”

I could hear Key’s thoughts too.

Key continues his performance of ‘Good and Great’.
This album ranked number 1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 34 regions worldwide.
Ranked number 1 on the iTunes album chart worldwide,
Receiving a warm response from fans worldwide,
I’m more curious about how Key will continue his activities in the future.

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