Key topics to discuss; The 77th United Nations General Assembly begins | one geberal assembly | New York | America

The 77th United Nations General Assembly begins in New York, USA. After three years the delegates attend the conference directly. The United Nations wants to control the conflict between the countries of the world and take strong measures to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in his opening speech.

From the Russia-Ukraine war to climate change, all major issues affecting the world will be discussed at the first conference where delegates will participate directly after the spread of Covid. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ speech on the first day focused on limiting the use of fossil fuels. The world is addicted to fossil fuels. He called for rich countries to be prepared to tax fossil fuel companies and use the proceeds to fight climate change. All countries and governments should work together to prevent environmental degradation. The world is losing mutual trust. Inequality has increased. The price rise is also steep. It is the ordinary people who suffer. . In addition to the Russia-Ukraine war, Guterres mentioned civil conflicts in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Haiti and Iraq, as well as the conflict between Israel and Palestine. In the coming days, various national leaders will address the conference.

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