KGC coach Lee Young-taek “don’t be vigilant” at Hyundai E&C Yasmin’s absence [프레스룸]


“You must not relax or be vigilant.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation and Hyundai E&C are about to face off against Dodram 2021-2022 V-League to be held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 31st.

Hyundai E&C is in first place with 4 consecutive wins, and KGC Ginseng Corporation is in second place with 3 consecutive wins. Two teams still undefeated. Which team will win the streak?

HOME_KGC Ginseng Corporation Director Lee Young-taek
Q. The atmosphere of winning streak seems to be good.
The match is winning, but it is difficult to see that the hands and feet match perfectly yet. We are training steadily, but there are ups and downs in the process. We talked about not being greedy for winning.

Q. Do you think the volleyball you are looking for will come true?
All three games went well. Even if one player is sluggish, the other side is playing volleyball that is covered. The players are doing well.

Q. What would you say is the most advanced aspect other than the recruitment of Soyoung Lee?
Compared to last season, except for the setter and middle blocker, all the starting positions have changed. It can be seen as a new team. First of all, Yeom Hye-sun is playing volleyball that she can do well. As a result, the routes are diversified, and players are playing an equally active role in the game.

Q. I heard that the other foreigner can’t come out.
I heard the story. This is good news for us because Yasmin is a good player, but Jung Ji-yoon is just as strong as him. I don’t think there is much difference. Because there are no outsiders, I paid attention to the parts where I could relax my mind or be vigilant.

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Q. What is your opponent’s strategy?
Middle blockers are a good team. Yang Hyo-jin is making an attack that is difficult to stop even knowing it. You have to block the central attack by attacking as a serve. As for the play going to the side, we are going to see the match because we have a good height and have a sense of humor.

AWAY_Hyundai E&C Director Kang Sung-Sung
Q. It’s your 4th straight win at the opening, what’s the driving force?
There are things that are uneasy, but there are good parts and bad parts, but the players seem to have improved their desire to win and earnestness on the court. I want to commend the players for the atmosphere they want to do.

Q. Who is an active player on the court?
Dahyun’s voice is the loudest, and Hyojin’s movements are also great. I think it’s going well overall.

Q. What did you do to change the atmosphere after taking office?
During practice, try to be with the players. The players sweating, screaming and trying to lead on the court are also following along well.

Q, Is there any change in the lineup?
Yasmin suffered an injury to the medial fascia of his left thigh during the match against GS Caltex. No training and management. We have to wait a few more days.

Q, Is Hwang Yeon-joo standing at Apogee?
Hwang Yeon-ju stands at Apogee. Jiyoon also looks at the situation, so whether it’s a wing or an Apogee, he’s going to wait as a backup before entering.

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Q. What did you order from domestic players?
It is the will that I wanted to do on the court that I showed at GS Caltex. I have a good experience in cup competitions without outsiders. Yasmin said to divide the parts that need to be done and do it as a whole.

Photo_The Spike DB

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