Kham Phaka points out that FIFA knows if he doesn’t get World Cup rights. The state will be resented by half the people of the country. Why do you have to lower the price?

Kham Phaka points out that FIFA knows if they don’t get the World Cup copyright. The state will be resented by half the people of the country. Why have to lower the price to compress the Must Carry rules, causing the private sector to turn aside to help support?

15 November 2022 – Progress on the purchase of the rights to broadcast live coverage of the 2022 World Cup Final in Qatar. Between November 20 and December 18, the price is 1,600 baht after FIFA announced the results of negotiations to reduce royalties only slightly. But the amount is still higher than the budget that SAT has, only 1,000-1,100 million baht, which has to wait to see FIFA. Whether he agrees to lower the price or give special conditions and get the right to broadcast live or not

Recently, An Phuwanat and Khaek Khamphaka sat down and discussed the issue in the program “Khao Yom, Khon Mai Mai” through Khaosod Online.

If it was Fifa, he would ask what the rush would be, take 1-2 today, this kind of thing has been discussed a year in advance. Every sport in this world is an industry. and is a business Its aim is to distribute income to that industry chain.

Because he knows you want him in this moment. Who can lower the price for you? He knows that if you are not copyright You will be cursed by more than half of the football fans in the country. Your knee is high if it’s not copyright. Whatever you have to pay Why does FIFA have to lower our prices? when he knew we wanted so much

Returning to the root of the problem, Must Have & Must Carry are rules that have been created by ourselves. Cause the private sector not to buy this license Because you went to chop the wood and cut off the private leg. And until the last moment You are going to extort money from the private sector. but there are no merchants take out 400-500 million without getting anything back or not worth it when the private sector pulls the game Then you have no power to negotiate with FIFA. The chances of you losing copyright are high.

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