Khamphaka, clear the case, stray dogs, cats, kind people, do you know what problems you are leaving behind?

Khaek Khamphaka draws attention to the problem of stray dogs and cats It is in the nature of all Thai people, to be sympathetic and to be a feeding angel. then went back to sleep Do you know what problems were left behind?

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On September 20, 2022, reporters reported that in the news program, people are not finishing it, from the live news page. Moderators Ahn Phuwanat and Khaek Khamphaka discussed the issue of fertile lawyers and shared an announcement from a sub-district administrative organization announcing that The person who regularly feeds the stray dog ​​is the owner of the stray dog.

by a ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court which had previously ruled that stray dogs that people feed from time to time occasionally at times with kindness include those who provide regular food but not the guard responsible for the life of stray dogs They are not considered owners of stray dogs.

But who feeds the dog regularly As a result, people who only feed stray dogs regularly are kind with kindness. There must be an obligation to microchip and register the dog, otherwise it could cause the person to commit an illegal act.

Khaek Khamphaka said that in principle we should not feed stray dogs and cats. Because it makes many stray dogs and stray cats unnecessary. This issue must then be tackled at source. In many countries, stray dogs and cats are treated step by step. They are gathered together as a way to sterilize, take care of their health and wait to be adopted. But if time passes, no one will accept them. then increase the number In this case, Japan will hold gas training.

As for having a dog and a cat. Licenses are required, training is required, interviews are required. is it appropriate to be fed or not But Thailand is all messy, sympathetic, angelic, looking for food to eat then go home and sleep well Leaving the problem aside, not with taking any responsibility. including couples who buy dogs for adoption After breaking up, take him to the temple. We have to stop these behaviors first.

An Phuwanat said he understood people who sympathized. He admits that he sometimes feels sorry for himself. Seeing a child coming to ask for money, his mood suddenly became miserable and he gave him the money. I know it’s a problem, but don’t think too much about it? And if we come to talk here, we agree that it is part of the problem.

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