“Khan Ngern” is number one, MPIC is sitting in the trailer Before closing the job this July

M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Limited or MPIC Summary of stock trading in MPIC fromMajor Public Company Cineplex Group Limited or MAWR iHannogen Daily Mr According to the share purchase agreement dated May 22, 2023, on May 26, 2023, MAWR transferred 1,202,130,480 MPIC shares, or 92.46 percent of the total shares issued by the Company. to Mr. Nuannual Khanngoen, causing MPIC’s major shareholder structure to change as follows:

After the transaction, Mr. Mr. Khangern Nuannual completed by July 2023.

In this regard, the change in the share structure of MPIC’s main shareholders leads to a change in control. And the company’s management structure On 26 May 2023, MPIC held a Board of Directors meeting No. 4/2023, where the meeting decided to approve the following important matters:

  1. Recognizing the resignation of the following directors. because the directors have some personal reasons therefore unable to continue working as a director by resigning Effective from 26 May 2023 onwards.

(1) Mr. Wicha Poolvoralaks, Post Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

(2) Ms. Thitapat Issarapornpat Position Director, Member of the Risk Management Committee and Member of the Executive Committee

(3) Mr. Apichat Kongchai Job Director

(4) Mr. Thanakorn Puliwekin Post Director and Executive Director

together with approving the appointment of the following persons to replace the directors who resigned With effect from 26 May 2023 onwards.

(1) Hannogen Daily Mr Job Director replacing Mr. Vicha Poolvoralaks

(2) Jirat Wongtrangan Director post in place of Ms Thitapat Issarapornpat

(3) Songpol Chaowanayoothin Mr Job Director replacing Mr. Apichat Kongchai

(4) Mr Pirun Shinawatra Position: Director replacing Mr. Thanakorn Puliwekin

It also approved the change of authorized directors who can sign to bind the company as follows:

old “Mr. Wicha Poolvaraluk, Mr. Thanakorn Puliwekin and Ms. Thitapat Issarapornpat, two of these three directors jointly signing and affixing the seal of the Company.”

change to “Mr. Khan-Nern Nuannual, Mr. Chirat Wongtrangan, Mr. Songpol Chaowanyothin and Mr. Piroon Shinawatra, two of these four directors jointly sign and affix the seal of the Company.”

In addition, it also acknowledged the resignation of the following executives, with the resignation taking effect from May 26, 2023 onwards.

(1) Mr. Surachet Asawaruanganan CEO Position

(2) Mrs. Suwimol Sae Lim, Position: Director of Accounting

Including approving the change in the position of Acting Company Secretary as follows:

it was decided to appoint Ms. Jirat Chanruang to be Acting Secretary of the Company instead of Ms. Thitapat Issarapornpat who had resigned from the position of Acting Secretary of the Company. which will be effective from 26 May 2023 onwards