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Khon Kaen defeated Suphan to win the first match away from home in the Thai League

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“Chong Ang arrogant” Khon Kaen United defeated the local Suphanburi FC 4-2 to win the first match away from home. In the Thai Football League season 2021-22 on Saturday, October 30, 64
Game at the Central Stadium, Suphan Buri Province, before kicking off the host “War Elephants Iuthheete” Suphan Buri FC, the 14th team with 7 points from 9 matches, opened the house to cope. “Chong Ang arrogant” Khon Kaen United, the 15th team with 7 points from 9 matches as well

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Starting the first half, only the first 23 seconds, Khon Kaen United got a quick hit from the rhythm that slipped into Yazier Pinto’s goal, helping Khon Kaen United to lead 1-0 from the first 23 seconds of the next game. In the 16th minute, Ibson Melo, the captain of the Khon Kaen United team, fell off the offside trap before snatching the first ball to save Patrick Dayto, Dan Suphanburi FC, but the second ball still came in through Ibson Melo, following it repeatedly. No remains, helping Khon Kaen United lead 2-0

35 minutes, Suphan Buri game still swinging, Ibson Melo snatched the ball up on the left for Krit Phrom Boonsan to open the ball to Yasir Pinto, charging sharply, no remains, helping Khon Kaen escape as 3-0 and it was his own two goals in this game as well. Then, before the end of the first half, 43 minutes, Khon Kaen United got the 4th goal from the offside trap of Yazier Pinto before paying to the pan for Ibson Melo, who was waiting to hit the open door to help. Khon Kaen escaped 4-0. In the second half, the host fired two goals in 52 minutes from Supawit Romphophak. And the final injury time from Ritthiphon Wanchuen, 93 minutes, ended the game, Khon Kaen won 4-2 goals, resulting in “Chong Ang arrogant” increased to 10 points from 10 matches, moving out of the relegation zone, while “War Elephant Iuthheete” Lost 4 games in a row, falling to the bottom of the table

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