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Khon Kaen finds a homeless man infected with Covid-19 Traveling from Bangkok Accelerate the timeline exam : PPTVHD36

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Reporters reported that today, June 28, 2021, the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus In Khon Kaen Province, the number is now increasing again. After a cluster from labor camps in the Bangkok area, travel back to their domicile in Khon Kaen province and other provinces in the form of bee nests, especially in Kranuan district, Khon Kaen province. Currently, there are cases of Covid-19. And received treatment at Somdej Phra Yuparat Hospital, Kranuan District, 5 people, 2 men and 3 women, consisting of 1 Sino-Thai labor camp, 3 Pathum labor camps and 1 other person.

Chonburi does not stop, 390 new infections, check 10 risky places in 3 districts, markets – swimming pools – shops.

Measures to heal 6 provinces. 3 businesses, pay 4 types, add 2,000 – 3,000 “half each phase 3” not postponed 1 July. July

The latest is a homeless man aged 65 years from the investigation of the disease by the team of health officials, preliminary information that The man arrived from Bangkok. By saying that he came to look for his son, but could not find it The nomads live in the area of ​​Bor Kor Sor, Kranuan District, and the resting pavilion of Kranuan Police Station, where public health officials have sprayed disinfectants to clean the area. as well as follow up with close and in contact with vulnerable people A total of 6 people were tested for COVID-19, and the results were negative.

There are also workers from the Pig Hoof Camp. Returning to the domicile, Huai Yang Subdistrict, 3 more cases, it appears that the result is also negative. in which the homeless man The investigation team is currently reviewing the timeline again. how they travel and are at risk of being exposed to any place or person And the homeless man is currently being treated at Somdej Phra Yuparat Kranuan Hospital.

At the same time, Mr. Tawit Phimpha, Kranuan District Chief Khon Kaen Province has called a meeting of the Communicable Disease Control Committee of Kranuan District After being diagnosed with COVID-19 which has put in place measures to prevent and to control the spread of coronavirus in the village There has been a resolution to strict measures to control COVID-19 in the next 7 days, requiring community leaders to set up screening points as front lines. Check people in and out of every village, community. If found workers traveling in the area, they will inform. Volunteer to join immediately. along with x-rays of every family to see how many returned workers

Initially, if workers found to be infected with COVID-19 It will rely on the community and brothers and sisters to talk to each other and understand each other. Helping to quarantine is the main If the conditions are not met or ignored, the law must be enforced. Immediate Communicable Disease Act

Director of Medical Sciences pointed out. Real data “Sinovac” prevents infections 80-90%

Mother and baby 5 months infected with covids in camp waiting for bed for 10 days


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