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Khon Kaen found 11 young children’s milk teeth cluster infected with COVID-19

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Khon Kaen still found infected with Covid-19 continuous new Most recently, he was a child of the Child Development Center. In Ubonrat District, 11 people have been infected.

Today (October 31, 64) Khok Sung Hospital, Khok Sung Subdistrict, Ubonrat District, Khon Kaen Province, Ubonrat Hospital staff, Khok Sung Hospital staff checked ATK and high-risk groups. After a new case of COVID-19 was found, it was a child in the Child Development Center in Khok Sung Sub-district. On Friday, initial cases of 11 children were found to be infected. Today, all children in the child care center and their parents have been proactively tested. to screen for additional infections.

Phayung Lekdee, Ubonrat District Sheriff, revealed that Ubon Rat district on October 30, 1964, has found 18 new cases of Covid-19, of which 11 are children of the Khok Sung Municipal Children’s Center and 4 are children. parent child From a preliminary investigation of the disease, it was known that children in the child care center Got infected from parents who work in an industrial factory in Nam Phong district. All of the children’s families were infected. As a result, today there has been a search for more risk groups by asking the VHV to monitor risk groups to have strict quarantine, including having an SRRT team to swap out more risk groups. Ready to vaccinate people who have not been vaccinated. and let the community leaders publicize their understanding Cooperation in epidemic prevention measures is already widespread. As for the infected children, they used the area of ​​the Khok Sung Child Development Center. It is a place for detention and treatment by mentoring teachers to monitor symptoms. Including their parents, all 11 children are now in good health and under the supervision of doctors at Ubonrat Hospital as well.

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for Khon Kaen Data from the Public Health Office, Khon Kaen Province, on October 30, 64, found 112 new cases, including 81 prisoners in prison. Automobile wiring parts factory, Nam Phong District, Net Weaving Factory, Bobo Market and Chira Market

Information from : Journalist of Khon Kaen Province

Photo credit: Khon Kaen Provincial correspondent

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