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‘Khunying Pattama’ Termfun offers Thai rising stars a chance to wade through the World Tour 1000

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‘Khunying Pattama’ Termfun offers Thai rising stars a chance to wade through the World Tour 1000

Thai rising stars dream come true, get the right to wade through the greatest battle in their life with stepping up to compete in the World Tour Super 1000 world-famous star championships in 3 historical events in Thailand Which will kick off with “Yonex Thailand Open” World Tour Super 1000 to win a prize of 1 million USD. Between 12 – 17 January, followed by “Toyota Thailand Open” World Tour Super 1000 to win 1 million USD. Between 19 – 24 January and “HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2020” won a total prize money of US $ 1.5 million. Between 27 – 31 January, which will be broadcast live by 3,000 million households around the world. In Thailand, True Visions broadcast live to sports fans every day, 2 stadiums, 10 pairs per day.

Due to the strict Chinese authorities do not allow people to leave the country. This caused the Chinese badminton team to be disappointed and lost their rights to compete in 3 big events in Thailand, followed by Kento Momota, the world’s first-hand men’s badminton player from Japan. The COVID-19 test was positive as a team of Japanese athletes prepared to depart Narita Airport. Japan To come to Thailand Before deciding to announce his withdrawal from the competition for a second country With athletes from 22 countries still participating

With the immediate withdrawal of the team due to the necessity of two world powers in the world of chicken feather, the competition line must be moved to the list of athletes who submitted the reserve list to replace. But for the reason that athletes will have to be detained or the Bubble Quolantine by January 4, foreign athletes who have submitted the reserve list cannot arrive in time.

As a result, many young athletes from Thailand are given the greatest opportunity in their lives to step up and enter the field of the World Tour Super 1000, because if in normal circumstances these young athletes will have to go away Accumulated points to move the world rankings on the World Tour Super 100 level or fully on the World Tour Super 300 level, this time it will be an experience for young athletes to compete against the world’s top hands in a global competitive atmosphere. In order to gain experience for further improvement, improvement, skill development This will be very useful for the development of the Thai badminton team in the future.

Khunying Pattama Leesawattrakul International Olympic Committee Committee Vice President of the Badminton World Federation And President of the Badminton Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage said, “Throughout January, sports around the world will pay attention and will keep an eye on this badminton tournament. With good cooperation from badminton associations around the world It is a strength for us to courageously face hardships. Overcoming all obstacles At present, the skilled badminton players and all staff members have cooperated well. Everyone understands the measures. Every step of the process for the ultimate safety, on the 10th and 11th of January this will be a real training course. Additionally, on Sunday, January 10, there will be an online conference. With participants in the meeting consisting of Country manager Referee Staff and Management of the Badminton World Federation Ask the Thai brothers to observe this meeting on the association’s website from 10.00-12.00 and pay attention to the encouragement from the Thai sports fans. In Thailand in January And please pay attention to the staff, personnel of all parties involved in the competition to be able to perform well in every obstacle. “

For the young athletes from Thailand who have been given the opportunity to compete in the World Tour Super 1000 level for the first time, including Benyapa siblings with Nantakarn Iamsaarddegree, the last year’s champion of Thailand, Chasinee Koriphap, Jay Nicha Sudchaiprapharat, Supanida Ketthong, Atitaya Povanont, Laksikakak Lalaha, Natchananporn Rungpibun Sopit, Ornicha Jongsatapornpan, Sirada Rungpibun Sopit, Supisara Pure Samphran, Tanupat Wiriyangkul, Kittipong Im Nak, Surasit Ariyabarnikul, Worapop Chuenkha, Natthachon Nontamokkh, Supak Chom Koh and Apirak Keturahong

Via “Coach Top” Phakawat Wilailak, former Thai national badminton team player Trainer from KIP Badminton Club He posted on his Facebook personal thanks to Khunying Pattama Leesawattrakul, saying, “I have to thank Khunying Pattama and all the staff of the association for coordinating. And take good care of the athletes In addition to Mewaporn Pawee, there are also young athletes aged 16 years to play in this competition. Therefore an opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else I told the kids that they have 10 million 100 million, they can’t usually play on this show. Because normally only 1-32 hands of the world “

“So I would like to thank Khunying Padma. And the Badminton Association of Thailand also came at this opportunity That makes children Have a chance to play And have come to experience world-class athletes and most importantly The association takes care of all expenses, hotel expenses, food, COVID check, laundry service, complete 3 meals, very good care, thank you very much. “

More information of the competition can be found at the website. www.bwfbadminton.com or www.badmintonthai.or.th

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