Ki-hyuk Lee, appeared as ‘Jung-woo’ in SBS ‘Meet the Guy’, a handsome furniture designer who actively approaches ‘Young-seo’

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This news is news about a handsome furniture designer who is actively approaching ‘Young-seo’, who appears as ‘Jung-woo’ in Lee Ki-hyuk, SBS ‘Meet the Guy’.

Actor Lee Ki-hyuk appeared in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Meet the Guy’ as ‘Jung-woo’.

Jung-woo, played by Lee Ki-hyuk in the play, is a neighborhood resident of ‘Young-seo (Seol In-ah)’, a furniture designer with a handsome face and good manners. In the middle of the play, Young-seo finds ‘Jung-woo’ looking at her mail. Jung-woo says he took Young-seo’s mail by mistake. With this as an opportunity, the two have a conversation, and Jung-woo praises Young-seo’s eye for choosing vintage furniture. Jung-woo, who knows even his own furniture for a moment, feels uncomfortable, but he is relieved by his words that he is a furniture designer.

Young-seo, who does not come to Phil for some reason despite his positive attitude, is only sad. Meanwhile, ‘Seong-hoon (Kim Min-gyu)’, who was watching Jung-woo while exercising with Young-seo at the gym, is suspicious of Jung-woo, who has bad eyesight, looking at the clock without wearing glasses in the dressing room.

Jung-woo presents Young-seo with a stand he made himself, but she feels the gift a bit burdensome.

The 4th episode of ‘Meet the Guy’, which heralded a new development with the appearance of Lee Ki-hyuk, recorded an audience rating of 8.9% for households in the metropolitan area, renewing its own highest ratings, and the 2049 target audience rating was 3.4%, and the highest rating per minute was 11.2%. It was recorded and ranked first in the Monday-Tuesday drama.

Lee Ki-hyuk, who made his name known for his exceptionally deep eyes, unpredictable facial expression, and solid acting skills, has been featured in movies such as ‘Cotton Earth Geumsoo’, ‘Little Bird’, ‘Break’, ‘Taxi Day’, Netflix ‘Sweet Home’, and dramas. Ms. Lee knows’, ‘Tell me what you see’, tvN’s ‘Confession’, SBS dramas ‘Greasy Melo’ and ‘Dear Judge’.

Meanwhile, ‘Meet the Guy’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.

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