KIA Tigers warmed up at the end of the season, 5th place Hope Advisor

Thanks to the endless crash of the KIA Tigers, the number of teams in 5th place who received travel tickets for the last train in the post season suddenly increased from two to four.

It seems that fans of 4 local clubs, including KIA in 5th place, NC Dinos in 6th place, Samsung Lions in 7th place, and Lotte Giants in 8th place, including KIA in 5th place, have to spend the night crying and always laughs at the results of the game. evening for now.

KIA fell to an eight-match losing streak in the decisive battle for positions.

The poor decision-making power (September September 0.230 batting average) hidden behind the team’s 2nd overall batting average (0.272) and the team’s leading scorer (662 points) were firmly entrenched.

It is the result of a typical ‘foreign hotel’ with no grain on the outside.

KIA’s collapse gave NC a chance, but it couldn’t close the gap of 1.5 games.

NC had a golden opportunity to turn things around with their three games in a row against KIA in Changwon on the 22nd and 24th, but now we have to look below.

The momentum of Samsung and Lotte is not so strong.

Samsung, who have won three straight, beat NC by one game, and Lotte, who is making a last-minute comeback before Lee Dae-ho’s retirement, leads NC by 1.5 games.

As of 20th, Lotte has the least number of games left at 10 games, while KIA and Samsung have 13 more games to play.

NC has 16 more games to play.

Looking at the schedule of games between the four teams that will ride, KIA played one game against Samsung and Lotte and three games against NC.

NC will play two games against Samsung and one against Lotte.

Seasonal statistics are meaningless at this point.

The recent trend and momentum is the key to breaking the battle for 5th place from the four teams.

Samsung is in first place in the overall win rate this month (0.688, 11 wins and 5 losses), and NC is also not bad with 10 wins and 7 losses.

If Lotte (7-9) and KIA (5-12), which are below the 50% win rate, rebound, there is a possibility that last year’s trial has decided the final day of the regular league.

NC interim manager Kang In-kwon, who is expecting an official manager, and Samsung interim coach Park Jin-man, are looking forward to a big battle show.

On the other hand, KIA manager Kim Jong-kook and Lotte manager Larry Sutton are inevitably fatally injured if they become victims.

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