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Kidnapped 5-month-old baby girl found | Anamalai | Kidnap | pollachi

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Pollachi: A 5-month-old baby girl of a tribal couple abducted from Anamalai has been found. The baby was found in a house within the limits of Anamalai station. Police arrested Ramar (52) and Murukesh (47) of Angala Kurichi in the incident.

The family said the youths handed over the baby saying it was from the ashram. Police said they would question the detainees in detail as it is suspected that the baby was abducted and sold to the begging mafia.

The child of Manikandan and Sangeetha, a Mysore-based couple living in Anamalai, was abducted on Tuesday evening. The couple lived near the bus stand in Anamalai. The young man who was standing there asked the musician who went to the thatch shop with the baby if he wanted chilli chicken and gave him the money. When the mother went to the shop, the young man was passing by with the baby he had bought to play with. People fled after the couple made a fuss but the culprits could not be apprehended.

English Summary: Five month old kidnapped in Pollachi found unharmed at Anamalai


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