Kidnapping of Korean Children in the Philippines: Dramatic Rescue and Swift Action by Authorities

Child Kidnapped and Dramatically Rescued in the Philippines

In a chilling incident, a Korean citizen residing in Cebu, Philippines, had their child kidnapped but was fortunate enough to witness a dramatic rescue unfold. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the incident occurred on the 10th and was swiftly handled by local security authorities, resulting in the arrest of the criminal on the same day.

According to the distraught parent, they noticed their child’s disappearance and upon reviewing CCTV footage, were astonished to discover a man in his 30s had snatched the child, placing them inside a suitcase at their residence.

Undeterred by the audacity of his actions, the perpetrator brazenly dragged the suitcase, with the helpless child inside, for several hundred meters before vanishing into the night in a silver car parked nearby.

The child’s father revealed that the assailant had premeditated the act, stealthily entering their home and patiently waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Seizing the chance, the abductor swiftly placed the child in a prepared carrier and fled the scene.

News of the abduction rapidly spread among concerned locals, who rallied together on social media platforms to disseminate information about the heinous crime. The public promptly shared details about the kidnapper and the vehicle used for the escape. In response, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines swiftly collaborated with local law enforcement to coordinate a comprehensive search operation.

Remarkably, just seven hours after the abduction, the criminal was apprehended at approximately 8:00 pm. While the child luckily sustained no serious injuries, they still experienced acute psychological trauma, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Expressing their gratitude to the embassy, the victim’s family lauded their prompt response and tireless efforts in ensuring the safe return of their young one.

An attacker in the Philippines kidnaps the children of Korean residents in a suitcase and moves them. KBS

In Cebu, Philippines, a child of a Korean citizen was kidnapped and dramatically rescued.

On the 11th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that “an incident occurred in the Philippines on the 10th (local time) when a Korean citizen was kidnapped.” “After receiving the case, our diplomatic mission worked closely with the local security authorities, and the criminal was arrested on the day of the incident,” he said. “The safety of our people was also confirmed.”

On the 10th, a Korean citizen living in Cebu, Philippines found that his child had disappeared and while looking at CCTV, he discovered that a man in his 30s had kidnapped the child by putting him in a suitcase at home.

The man dragged the large suitcase with the child in it, moved several hundred meters, and disappeared in a silver car in the parking lot.

The child’s father explained that the offender entered the house beforehand and waited for the child to enter, put the child in a prepared carrier and fled.

After hearing the news of the child’s abduction, local residents started sharing this fact through social media. The kidnapping and the number of the vehicle used in the crime were reported, and the Korean Embassy in the Philippines immediately coordinated with the local police to arrange a vehicle.

The criminal was arrested at around 8:00pm, seven hours after the crime. The child was not seriously injured, but is said to be in a state of mental shock and was taken to hospital.

The victim’s family expressed their gratitude to the embassy, ​​saying, “They responded promptly to the report and the girl returned safely.”

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