Kifby CAG report: Speaker dissatisfied with Finance Minister’s action | KIIFB | CAG Report

Thiruvananthapuram: The Speaker was dissatisfied with the action of the Finance Minister in connection with the CAG report of the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Financial Fund Board (KIFB). Speaker P. Sriramakrishnan assesses that the Assembly has been dragged into unnecessary controversy.

The Finance Minister’s reply to the Opposition’s infringement notice has also been delayed. He has asked for a written explanation but has not yet given an explanation. Thomas Isaac is of the opinion that the speaker should be seen in person. The Speaker may seek legal advice in this regard.

The CAG report is a document that must be kept confidential until it is placed before the Legislature. However, the finance minister himself revealed the contents of the report to the media. Initially it was claimed to be a draft report but later it had to be openly admitted that it was a final report. Naturally, this is a violation of rights.

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