Home News Killed the contractor I spent 10 days under a luxury mansion. At first I couldn’t find it. The fortune teller said “the body is in the house”.

Killed the contractor I spent 10 days under a luxury mansion. At first I couldn’t find it. The fortune teller said “the body is in the house”.

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Killed the contractor I spent 10 days under a luxury mansion, I couldn’t find it But the fortune teller said that the body was in this house. Recently, 3 suspects were arrested and one escaped.

Yesterday (17 July 64) at 17.00, the police at Bang Sao Thong police station, Bangkok, received a notification that the body was found murdered, waved a mortar. Inside a luxury mansion Bang Chueang Nang District, Taling Chan District

Upon examination, the body was found. Mr. Sitthichok or Changson, 42 years old lying on your back under the floor wearing a single loincloth red panties wrapped in cream colored curtains The body was obscured by concrete slabs, plastered over it. Officers helped to bring the body out. Disobediently, the condition of the corpse, the face was beaten to a mess. open skull The left shin was severely wounded. No valuables were found in the body, it was estimated that he had died at least 9 days ago.

When the police questioned Mr. Suwit, 40, his brother of the deceased said that he was a contractor to renovate the house, a native of Krabi province, but had moved to live with his wife in Kanchanaburi. in Krabi every day, but suddenly unable to contact since July 8, where his brother always said that he was working at the house after the body was found until July 15, 64, came to report to the Bang Sao Thong police station. After being notified by the police, they went to inspect the house. after that, but no abnormality was found. just smell rotten for a period of time

Until July 16, 64 relatives said that the fortune teller told me that the body was found in that house. When the police went to check again It turned out to smell putrid. It swept out hard and flies flew to Pune Island. When the police hammered them with a hammer, they were taken aback. The bodies were killed waving cement

police on site Investigating from the CCTV inside the house found that the day of the incident It is expected that it will be on 8 July 64 at 10:16 p.m. Two workers named Mr. Rung and Mr. Phong walked to invite the deceased. Came out to drink alcohol, although the deceased had already entered the bedroom since 3 pm, but in the drinking area, there is no surveillance camera. There were 2 additional workers in the incident, named Mr. Yo and Mr. Wat.

Later, on 9 July 64, Mr. Rung and Mr. Pong have withdrawn 5,000 baht from the contractor and returned to Chiang Rai province, where the police tracked down the suspect. 3 people have returned. Preliminary interrogation. All denied. Now, one suspect remains, still fleeing.

Latest progress today, July 18, 2021, Pol Maj. Gen. Piya Tawichai, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police revealed that in this case, the deceased and his subordinates had an argument. There were 3 people involved in the incident, divided into 2 Thai people who acted as a camouflage burial and one Shan person as the perpetrator. Use a knife to stab the dead. Still fleeing in the north, the police at Bang Sao Thong Police Station will request the court to approve an arrest warrant within today.


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