Kim Byeong-ji “Editing for fun, it’s not a joke” Bae Seong-jae is ‘crying’… Controversy over the manipulation of the goal woman has been clarified

Kim Byeong-ji, a former national soccer player, opened his mouth on suspicions of manipulating SBS’s ‘Goal Strikers’. The photo is Kim Byung-ji, who attended the production presentation of Goal Daughter in June. /Photo = News 1

Former national soccer player Kim Byung-ji has revealed his position on the controversy over the manipulation of SBS’s ‘Goal Strikers’.

Kim Byeong-ji explained through a live broadcast on YouTube channel ‘Kong Byeong-ji TV’ on the 26th, “We thought it was editing,” and “It was not like making a score.” He continued, “Since season 1, there are about 70 players and more than 100 staff members. There will be 200 people in total, and we can’t fool their mouths and eyes.”

“Both the coach and players did their best. With the result of their best efforts, the PD and staff made it fun.” He said, “I thought it was editing, but I didn’t think it was a masterpiece.” “For example, there is no such thing as ‘Eat a goal’ in the game or ‘Kick until you put it in’ in a penalty shootout.”

Kim Byeong-ji, who was pointed out that the editing was rigged and broadcast live, drew a line saying, “We’ve been broadcasting for 30 years, and so far, we have never been involved in editing.” He continued, “It takes about 40 minutes to play a 10-minute video. We don’t know which scene is being captured by the camera,” he explained.

MC Bae Seong-jae, who is playing an active role as a goalkeeper, also apologized for the manipulation allegations. Bae Seong-jae said on Instagram live on the 24th, “It was different from the score I remembered, and my voice was heard. It was recorded post-mortem,” he said. “I couldn’t have imagined it would be used for editorial manipulation.” He continued, “It was a painful mistake for me to read without going through my brain.

Earlier, ‘Goal Girl’ has been criticized for being exposed to the fact that it manipulated the scoring sequence between FC Gucheok Tall and FC Wonder Woman, which aired on the 22nd. In the broadcast that day, FC Gucheok Tall won with a score of 3:0 in the first half and 6:3 in the second half. However, immediately after the broadcast, suspicions of manipulation were raised citing the difference between the score written on the whiteboard (4:0) and the score written in subtitles (4:3), and the positions of the directors were changed.

On the 24th, the production team acknowledged the editing manipulation, saying, “We sincerely apologize for causing confusion to the viewers by changing the editing order in the course of the broadcast.” He continued, “Even if the match results and final score are different from the broadcast content, the editing order was broadcast differently from the actual time order in some episodes,” he said.

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