Kim Chang-yeol, proud of his son Joo-hwan’s acceptance into the regiment “My son is cool”

[뉴스컬처 권수빈 기자] Singer Kim Chang-yeol was delighted about his son’s acceptance to Yonsei University.

Kim Chang-yeol attended his son Kim Joo-hwan’s high school graduation ceremony on the 7th. He congratulated his son on his graduation, saying, “It seems like only yesterday that I was born a crying baby, but I have grown up so amazingly that I have already graduated from high school.”

Son of Kim Joo-hwan, father of Kim Chang-yeol. Photo = SNS Kim Chang-yeol

Kim Chang-yeol said, “Thank you very much and I love you my son. During the 19 years that Joo-hwan has been living, his father has not done much for him, but I even more proud and grateful that he has grown up without any complaints or complaints.” I will always pray that you have more blessed days as a member of society as a wonderful person,” he said, blessing his son’s future.

He added, “I think our Joo-hwan will do well. I love you my son. Have a lot of fun today. I sincerely congratulate Joo-hwan on his graduation.”

In addition, Kim Chang-yeol said that Kim Joo-hwan passed Yonsei University at any time through a hashtag. He said proudly, “It’s cool, my son.”

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