Kim Cheon Sang-moo draws 1-1 against FC Seoul

(Daegu Gyeongbuk Daily News = Reporter Hwang Ji-hyun) Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team took one point in the away game against FC Seoul in the final.

Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team (Bae Nak-ho CEO) drew 1 to 1 with Lee Young-jae’s second half recovery goal in the away match against ‘Hana One QK League 1 2022’ 36R FC Seoul held at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7:30pm on October 12th

Kim Cheon Sang-mu, a guillotine game in every game, participated in the Seoul campaign, including the official ‘Undefeated’ fans and Gimcheon City Fans, as well as the Seoul Finance Association, and contributed to the players with enthusiastic support.

Kim Cheon faced Seoul in a 4-3-3 formation. Kim Kyung-min, Kim Ji-hyeon, and Kwon Chang-hoon took the first line, and Ko Seung-beom, Moon Ji-hwan, and Lee Young-jae kept the second line. Kang Yun-seong, Song Ju-hoon, Park Ji-soo, and Lee Yoo-hyeon formed the back four line and Kim Jeong-hoon kept the goal.

The first half started with Seoul in the lead, and Kim Cheon had a difficult start conceding a goal to Kim Shin-jin in one minute. After that, Seoul took the lead in the attack and played the game with difficulty. In the 37th minute of the first half, Kim Ji-hyeon, who received a pass from Ko Seung-beom, tried to shoot from the front door, but it went just wide of the goal. At 41 minutes of the first half, Youngjae Lee’s surprise shot crossed the goal. Kim Chun finished the first half 0-1 without a goal.

In the 16th minute of the second half, Kim Cheon, who played without a substitute in the second half, shook Seoul’s goal and balanced it one-on-one. Then, in the 28th minute of the second half, Lee Young-jae’s shot hit the Seoul goal post and swallowed the disappointment. Gimcheon’s attack towards the reverse goal continued, but the game ended 1-1 without a decision.

After the game, coach Kim Tae-wan said, “The first goal was fatal. He went after them from behind and made a tie. I think we have improved, but I hope we can win the other two finals.”

Meanwhile, Gimcheon will play an away match against Daegu FC on the 16th.

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