Kim Cheon Sang-mu wins the first point against Suwon FC!

(Daegu Gyeongbuk Daily News = Reporter Hwang Ji-hyun) Kim Cheon Sang-mu’s professional soccer team scored a valuable point by scoring goals from Sergeants Kim Han-gil and Kim Kyung-min in the first match of the final, away from Suwon CPD.

Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team (Nak-ho Bay CEO) played an away match against 34R Suwon FC in the ‘Hana One QK League 1 2022’ held at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 4:30 pm on October 2nd, with Kim Han-gil in the first half and Kim Kyung-min in the second half scoring 2nd 2 draws. This season, Gimcheon had 3 losses in 3 games against Suwon FC, so the score was more than 1 point.

For the first leg of the final, around 200 away fans, including official ‘Undefeated’ fans and Gimcheon City fans, were present and filled the away seats. CEO Bae Nak-ho and Sponsorship Chairman Choi Han-dong also supported the players with enthusiastic support.

Kim Cheon faced Incheon with a 4-3-3 formation. Kim Han-gil, Kim Ji-hyeon, and Lee Ji-hoon took the first line, and Ko Seung-beom, Moon Ji-hwan, and Lee Young-jae kept the second line. Kang Yun-seong, Im Seung-gyeom, Park Ji-soo, and Lee Yoo-hyeon were responsible for the back four line, and Hwang In-jae kept the goal.

The first half started with enthusiastic support from fans, but in the 16th minute, Lars conceded a leading goal. After conceding a goal, Cheon Kim, who rearranged the line, scored the equaliser. In the 31st minute of the first half, Kim Han-gil finished the pass leading to Ko Seung-beom and Lee Young-jae with a goal to balance the score 1-1. Extra Time in the First Half Kim Chun conceded a goal to Jackson from a corner kick and unfortunately the first half ended 2-1.

Seeking change, Kim Cheon replaced Lee Ji-hoon with Kim Jun-beom. Kim Cheon faced Suwon FC more aggressively in the second half. They continued to push Suwon FC. Kim Han-gil, substitutes Kim Kyung-min and Kwon Chang-hoon continued to knock on the goal.

Finally, in the 42nd minute of the second half, Gimcheon equalized. At the gate, a ground ball shot by Kim Kyung-min overcame the defenders and broke through the Suwon FC goal net, resulting in a 2-2 draw.

After the game, Kim Han-gil, the main goalkeeper, said, “It was an away game, but the fans’ cheers were so loud that I thought it was a home game. From the warm-up, the players were full of motivation. Thanks to the support of the fans, we managed to get one point.”

On the other hand, Gimcheon will play four finals starting from the game on the 9th, Seongnam (H) on the 9th, Seoul (A) on the 12th, Daegu (A) on the 16th, and Suwon Samsung ( H) on the 22nd.

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