Kim Do-eup, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, submits ‘Lee Sang-min’s impeachment decision’ to the Constitutional Court…”The vacuum in state affairs must be reduced through prompt hearings”

“I am a member of the prosecution, but there is no place to intervene”

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People’s Power Ho-young Joo (left) and Judiciary Chairman Kim Do-eup speak in the main conference hall of the National Assembly on the 8th. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter

Kim Do-eup, chairman of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, submitted a resolution to the Constitutional Court to impeach Lee Sang-min, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, which was decided in a plenary meeting of the National Assembly. the day before on the 9th.

Jeong Seong-hee, a senior expert on the Judiciary and Judiciary Committee, who was delegated by Chairman Kim, submitted a decision to the Constitutional Court at 10:00 am on the same day. The motion to impeach Minister Lee was passed in a full meeting of the National Assembly the day before, with 179 out of 293 lawmakers in favor. Most of the opposition parties, including the Democratic Party with 169 seats, the Justice Party, and the Basic Income Party, appear to be in favor.

The opposition parties such as the Democratic Party question whether Chairman Kim, a member of the People’s Power, will take an active part in the constitutional court’s impeachment ruling process. As a member of the impeachment prosecution committee, Chairman Kim takes on the role of the prosecutor in the impeachment trial.

Chairman Kim met with reporters at the National Assembly that day and said, “The Democratic Party did not push forward the impeachment prosecution without knowing that Kim Do-eup, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, became a member of’ the prosecution committee,” and said, “It’s a legal position.” Chairman Kim said, “There is something that the Democratic Party made as a reference material and handed it over, and if a hearing is held, Minister Lee will respond.” There is no room for me to interfere,” he said. Chairman Kim said, “That’s why saying ‘the prosecution will do well or not’ is just political rhetoric.”

Asked if he believed there was a reason for Lee’s impeachment, Chairman Kim said, “The content of the impeachment resolution is what the Democratic Party has always insisted it be.” he said. Chairman Kim said, “The people will judge whether the content of the impeachment resolution is decisive and substantial enough to lead to a serious violation of the law that would warrant the impeachment of a member of the State Council.”

Chairman Kim said that the intention of quickly submitting the decision to the Constitutional Court was to reduce the vacuum in state affairs. Chairman Kim said, “Now the president has no choice but to leave the position of Minister of Public Administration and Security vacant.” We need to reduce gaps,” he said. Chairman Kim said, “I hope the constitutional court will proceed with the adjudication process quickly.” Regarding the composition of the attorney group, Chairman Kim said, “According to the usual example, the date of the first hearing will be designated and notified to me,” and “I have time, so I will think about it.”

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