Kim Do-eup, chairman of the judiciary, presents the impeachment decision of Minister Lee Sang-min to the Constitutional Court today

Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min attends the 56th Central Integrated Defense Meeting held at the Blue House hotel on the 8th. random news

The National Assembly’s decision to impeach Lee Sang-min, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, is presented to the Constitutional Court on the morning of the 9th.

In a text message sent to reporters on the same day, National Assembly Office Legislation and Judiciary Committee Chairman Kim Do-eup, a member of the People’s Power, said, “The decision to impeach Minister Lee will be submitted to the Constitutional Court at 10:00 am.” It will be introduced,” he said.

The motion to impeach Minister Lee was passed in a full meeting of the National Assembly the day before, with 179 out of 293 lawmakers in favor. Most of the opposition parties, including the Democratic Party with 169 seats, the Justice Party, and the Basic Income Party, appear to be in favor.

Although Chairman Kim, a member of the ruling party, is submitting a resolution to impeach Minister Lee to the Constitutional Court, it is unclear whether he will actively respond to the Constitutional Court’s impeachment ruling process in the future.

Chairman Kim met with reporters before the vote on Minister Lee’s impeachment motion the day before and said, “I can’t say it’s not right” when asked that he was unlikely to play an active role in impeachment. Chairman Kim said, “We have no choice but to focus on whether Minister Lee has any grounds for violating conditions to the point of being impeached as a member of the State Council.”

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