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Kim Dong-gwan “I will find a shortcut to space”… Leading Hanwha’s’Space Hub’

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Hanwha Solutions President Kim Dong-gwan leads Hanwha Group’s space industry.

On the 7th, Hanwha announced that it will launch a’Space Hub’ to oversee the space business scattered across affiliates. President Kim, appointed as a registered executive of Hanwha Aerospace on the 26th of last month, will lead the space business as the team leader of the Space Hub.

President Kim said, “I saw that in order to compete with global companies, expertise and full support are needed. Together with the engineers, I will find a shortcut to space.” “What someone has to do is the space industry. We will develop with the attitude of fulfilling our social responsibilities,” he added.

The center of the space hub will be Hanwha Aerospace engineers who participated in the development of the Korean launch vehicle, Nuri. Following this, Hanwha Systems’ communications and video equipment specialists, Hanwha’s weapons system specialists, and the satellite company Setrec I, which Hanwha recently invested in, are expected to participate. Next, it plans to focus on research and investment by dividing it into production fields such as launch vehicles and satellites and service fields such as communication, earth observation, and energy. Hanwha’s side believes that it will be possible to draw a bigger picture if it brings together space-related projects that were promoted by group affiliates. Systematic development will be possible, such as loading the satellite of Setrec Eye on the launch vehicle of Hanwha Aerospace and the communication system of Hanwha Systems. Technical collaboration among affiliates is also possible. By adding Hanwha Systems and Setrec-I’s communication system technology and small satellite design technology, Elon Musk’s SpaceX advance into the satellite communication field can also be considered. In addition, it is planning to study ways to link the solar technology of Hanwha Solutions, which is the No. 1 solar module market in the United States, with the space business. Hanwha said, “The Space Hub is not an organization at the top of each company, but is a comprehensive situation room for the space sector full of realism.”

Previously, global companies such as US SpaceX and Blue Origin are speeding up private space development. Morgan Stanley predicts that the space industry market will grow to about 1.1 trillion dollars (about 1220 trillion won) in 2040, led by private companies.

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