Kim Eo-joon “Lee Jae-myung’s abusive language AI manipulation rumors”… Kim Jae-won “Then AI will turn around”

“A level of profanity that AI cannot imitate”

Kim Jae-won, a member of the People’s Power Supreme Council, and broadcaster Kim Eo-joon are having a conversation about the ‘profanity file’ of Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung on the TBS traffic broadcast ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ on the 19th. (TBS Traffic Broadcasting YouTube capture)

Regarding broadcaster Kim Eo-jun’s claim that a ‘deep fake file’ mimicking the profane voice of Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung will be distributed, on the 19th, Kim Jae-won, the highest member of the People’s Power, said, “If AI wants to imitate it, it will probably turn around.”

Deepfake is a compound word of ‘deep learning’ and ‘fake’ and refers to an editing technology that synthesizes the face and voice of a specific person using artificial intelligence technology.

Earlier, the day before, Kim Eo-jun said, “I recently received a very important tip at TBS’ ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ hosted by him. We have received a specific report that we are going to do it,” he claimed.

He continued, “We plan to distribute it once it is finally delivered, but as one of the influential distribution routes, there is a group called ‘Daekkeemun’, and there is a group that actually engages in ‘Anti-Lee Jae-myung’ activities under the slogan ‘Pro-Moon Jae-in’. In the end, it will be revealed who this group is controlled by as well.”

On the 19th, Kim Eo-jun opened up a topic with the story of ‘Lee Jae-myung’s abusive language file’. First, he said in relation to the scandal of ‘additional disclosure of Lee Jae-myung’s abusive files’ published on Facebook by lawyer Jang Young-ha, the author of ‘Goodbye Lee Jae-myung’ the day before.

Kim Jae-won, a member of the Supreme Council, said, “I didn’t delete it myself, but the swearing was so serious and shocking that I know that Facebook AI couldn’t stand it and it was automatically deleted.”

Regarding the case of a broadcaster’s YouTube channel foretelling and canceling a broadcast related to profanity, he said, “Maybe it’s because it’s at a level that I can’t even play.” You just have to keep doing this.”

Then, when Kim Eo-jun brought up the ‘AI manipulation theory’, saying, “There are some reports of dark paths,” Kim asked, “Do you think AI can make it? It’s the most heinous level that can be used. So, it is probably impossible for the AI ​​to imitate candidate Lee Jae-myung’s abusive language no matter how much training is done by deep-learning the AI.”

When Kim Eo-jun retorted, “No, AI can do anything, crying or getting angry,” Kim said, “If AI wants to reach the level of swearing by candidate Lee Jae-myung, it will probably turn around. I was listening to the file and said, ‘It must be very difficult for people to hear this curse. I thought, ‘It’s hard for people to just listen to me regardless of the person next to me.”

Kim Eo-jun replied, “AI is not crazy.”

Supreme Commissioner Kim said, “Such a vicious person can be so in the lives of family members, but I don’t think it’s right for him to disturb the people’s mental standards while running for president. Even if there were laws, there are some things that people should not do,” he criticized.

Park Tae-geun, reporter for [email protected]



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