Kim Eo-jun’s first YouTube broadcast, 180,000 concurrent viewers… “I will crack the cartel”

As for leaving TBS, “The entire broadcast station is being held hostage… before”
Joo Jin-woo “My teeth hurt when Kim Eo-joon, who used to block the wind, is gone”

Broadcaster Kim Eo-jun made his first broadcast on YouTube on the 9th, ‘Humility is Hard News Factory’.

Mr. Declared Kim officially ‘biased broadcast’ on this day’s broadcast. He said, “I will crack the cartel (of evil power),” he said, “but the process of partiality will be fair.”

Mr Kim said, “The real power of the media and prosecution is not to report and prosecute, but to bury things that should have been reported and prosecuted.”

He continued, “They mistakenly believe that such power can silence the voices they don’t want to hear,” and “I will crack the cartel.”

The first broadcast on this day is 10 days after Mr Kim made his last broadcast of ‘Kim Eo-Jun’s News Factory’ on TBS Radio on December 30 last year, which has been running for 6 years. Mr. Kim said in the last broadcast at the time, “I will return in 3 years and 6 months (Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s term ends).”

Regarding his departure from the ‘News Factory’ on the same day, Mr. Kim, “I took the entire broadcasting station hostage. Would you like to die together? Will you die alone? “Isn’t that what he threatened,” he criticized, saying, “He’s small, cowardly, mean, nasty, and dirty.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Council is understood to be aiming to pass an ordinance to stop the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s budgetary support for TBS.

Joo Jin-woo, from the podcast ‘I’m a trick’ (Nakkomsu), who appeared on the phone that day, said, “All journalists have similar thoughts.” It’s getting cold,” he said.

In addition to Kim’s first broadcast, Sang-ho Woo, member of the Democratic Party of Korea, Si-min Ryu, former chairman of the Roh Moo-hyun Foundation, and Se-hyeon Jeong, former Unification Minister, appeared.

Meanwhile, the first broadcast of ‘Humility is Hard News Factory’ on this day attracted great attention, with the number of simultaneous users exceeding 180,000 at the same time.

Reporter Lee Jung-soo