Kim Eun-hye’s ‘KT Recruitment Solicitation’ spread…


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Controversy is spreading over the suspicion that Kim Eun-hye, a candidate for the power of the people, was involved in a solicitation for KT recruitment.

Candidate Kim, who was said to be completely unknown, was found to have admitted to the recommendation during the prosecution’s investigation at the time.

Candidate Kim countered that today, ‘There was no improper solicitation’, and Candidate Dong-yeon Kim criticized the spread of obvious false information.

Reporter Min-ji Gu covered the report.

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Suspicion of solicitation for recruitment of candidate Kim Eun-hye revealed through the judgment of former lawmaker Kim Seong-tae.

As a result of the first interview, it became known that the recommender of Mr. Kim, who changed from failing to passing, was candidate Kim Eun-hye, who was then managing director at KT.

[김은혜/국민의힘 경기지사 후보 (어제, 관훈클럽 토론회)]

“I have never been involved in such fraudulent hiring.”

[김은혜/국민의힘 경기지사 후보(어제)]

“I don’t know much about this person (applicant).”

However, according to the report of the 2019 prosecutor Kim’s reference document reported by KBS, candidate Kim admitted to recommending Mr. Kim to the prosecutor at the time, and even said that he “was asked to take care of him from his in-laws”.

The Democratic Party claimed that Kim’s false explanation was revealed in half a day, and called for his resignation as well as a re-investigation, and candidate Kim Dong-yeon also joined.

[박지현/더불어민주당 공동비대위원장]

“Instruct Minister Han Dong-hoon and candidate Kim Eun-hye, who claimed to be the fairest in the world, to thoroughly investigate KT employment solicitors.”

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[김동연/더불어민주당 경기지사 후보]

“It is a direct contradiction to this government, which insists on fairness and common sense, and at the same time… it will drive a nail in the hearts of our youth.”

However, Candidate Eun-hye Kim countered that it was a distorted fake news, saying that she did not make any illegal requests today.

[김은혜/국민의힘 경기지사 후보]

“I have never made an improper solicitation. I would not have been here if I had done even the slightest mistake in that wretched Democratic administration.”

He also reiterated that the applicants he recommended were not actually hired.

However, he did not specifically answer whether or not it had an effect on the change of failing to pass in the first interview, or why he did not disclose the recommendation itself in the first place.

As both candidates Kim Dong-yeon and Kim Eun-hye accuse their opponents of publishing false information under the Election Act, a fierce battle of truth is expected throughout the election period.

This is Minji Gu from MBC News.

Video coverage: Seo Doo-beom, Park Joo-young / Video editing: Moon Phil-hak

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