Kim Goldman Confronts O.J. Simpson on New Podcast

Kim Goldman Confronts O.J. Simpson on New Podcast

Ron Goldman's sister marks the 25th Her brother Ron, and Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered by sending a podcast, she hopes that she believes the truth behind the brutal violations – that is, the O.J. he did it.

Kim Goldman is hosting the ten-part podcast Facing O.J. Simpson, which explores the 1994. crime. Although a bloody glove was found at the scene of crime outside of O.J. Brentwood's former home wife Simpson, and matching gloves were found at the former NFL town, O.J. Double homicide was facilitated the following year in the year entitled “The Age Trial.” Goldman conducts interviews with a number of people involved, including Simpson's prosecutor Marcia Clark and former Simpson's house Kato Kaelin.

In one program, Kaelin tells Goldman that OJ went to me in the kitchen on his own and said, 'You know I was here with you.' And I said, 'No, there's.' I want, 'Does he want me to use something to think he could do?'

Goldman spoke to some of the jurors in the murder trial, Times reports. “I understand that this is a difficult conversation with me,” she says about these interviews. “They didn't believe the evidence. They believed that the prisoners involved were dirty and there was nothing to do with it. "

When Simpson became responsible for the deaths in the 1997 civil trial and when she was ordered to pay damages to a Goldman family $ 33.5 million, Kim sent on Simpson and said, “Oh my God! You are a murderer. ”

Still, Goldman says that less than one percent of the judgment is collected by the family. Until this day, Goldman will not use Simpson's name, referring to it as “the killer” and “the murder liar”.

“He no longer deserves,” she says.

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