Kim Goldman Goes Off on O.J. Simpson's Twitter Fame

Kim Goldman Goes Off on O.J. Simpson's Twitter Fame

Kim Goldman is highly uncomfortable with O.J. Simpson's recent Twitter activity 25 years after the murder of her brother, Ron Goldman.

Speaking with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM Show Wednesday has been a source of consternation.

“I stomach it,” Kim Goldman said. “It’s not something that feels great.”

Stern himself was angered by O.J.’s newfound twitter fame.

“I really got triggered because of O.J.'s Twitter feed,” Stern said. “When somebody kills your brother and they are in the golf course, they are very good life it's gotta maddening, it's insane. ”

"The‘ yours truly "," murderer, domestic violence abuser, "Goldman added. . T

Stern went off as to suggest O.J. be thrown off, saying if he would be a “save [Goldman] the grief of seeing him out there, “Thank you.”

"He should use his own head and lay low." You get away with something like this, lay low my man! ”

“That’s the part I think this is confusing,” Goldman said. "He comes out and his first tweet is, you know," he said. I really mean? What do you think people want to know?

Watch above, via SiriusXM.

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