Kim Gu-ra “Son’s wedding song? Hong Kyung-min… ‘Shaken friendship’ in NA” (Latte Goo)

In ‘Kim Gura’s Latte 9’ (Latte Goo), the reverse story of ‘9 billion extravagant marriages’ is revealed.

On Channel S’s entertainment program ‘Kim Gura’s Latte 9’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Latte 9’), which airs at 9:20 pm Jeong Seong-ho as a special MC, and Craxi Woo-ah and Su-an as MZ guests.

Before seriously looking into the rankings, Kim Gu-ra introduces her relationship with Jung Sung-ho. Jung Sung-ho, who is considered the representative of the entertainment industry as a ‘master of vocal imitation’, followed Kim Gu-ra. Even in the studio on this day, Jung Sung-ho commented on Kim Gura’s changing appearance from the past to the present and said, “He has become more relaxed.” Kim Gu-ra, who was watching this, said with a disapproving expression, “People don’t change” and “Don’t say useless things,” and laughed.

First of all, in ‘Granddaughters All Had Plans’, which was in position 8, the story of the marriage of Irene Kogan, a 19-year-old Russian conglomerate who lives in England, is presented. Irene’s grandfather, Valerie Kogan, has a known fortune of 23.53 trillion. He is also a rich man who owns Moscow International Airport.

The grandfather is said to have planned the most special wedding in the world for his beloved granddaughter, Irene. 9 billion won is said to have been spent on pure wedding expenses excluding honeymoon and newlyweds. In addition, the wedding, which lasted for 9 hours, included pop stars Mariah Carey and Elton John, and had an extremely luxurious congratulatory line. At this time, Jeong Seong-ho asks Kim Gu-ra who he would hire if his son Gree were entrusted with the song for the wedding. Kim Gu-ra mentioned singer Hong Kyung-min without thinking for a moment and replied, “I’ll tell you to leave out ‘Shaky Friendship'”, causing laughter.

Such an unrealistic wedding ceremony actually hides a huge reversal development, which arouses curiosity. Jung Sung-ho suggests, “There was a shocking comment in the short video Irene posted on social media a year after the wedding.” Indeed, attention is focused on what is a flexible reversal of Irene’s marriage.

Lee Ho-young / Source: Channel S, online community

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