Kim Gun-hee, “The enemy of the country is the Democratic Party… Me and my uncle are on the side of Ahn Hee-jung”

On the 16th, MBC’s investigative news program ‘Straight’ revealed part of the conversation between Yoon Seok-yeol, the spouse of presidential candidate Kim Geon-hee and Seoul Voice Reporter Lee Myung-soo, 52 times from July to December last year.

MBC said, “In the first call on July 6, Mr. Kim, who was about to hang up soon, thanked the reporter. In the Voice of Seoul, he went to Newstapa to report on the self-proclaimed punishment for protesting, and Kim, who felt grateful for supporting candidate Yoon Seok-yeol at the time, sent a sponsorship under a borrowed name,” he explained, explaining how the relationship between the two became closer. Kim told this reporter, “At that time, Eun-jong Baek from Sori of Seoul was my husband, and he just went to the sun and went to Newstapa there.

According to the call released on that day, Kim Kun-hee told this reporter, “If you crack Hong Joon-pyo, there will be more Super Chats.” please help me I wish I could have brought you to our camp. Do you think I will take care of my younger brother if I become Lee Jae-myung?” he said. The phrase “I can give you 100 million if you do well” also appears in the course of the call. In fact, on August 30 last year, this reporter gave a 30-minute lecture on topics such as election strategy to officials and employees of the contest at Kobana Contents, headed by Mr. Kim, and received 1.05 million won as tuition from Mr. Kim.

In a written response sent to ‘Straight’, Kim’s side explained, “It was a story at the principle level of helping this reporter just because he quits his job.” However, ‘Straight’ said, “(Kim’s side) claimed that he requested a seat at Yun Seok-yeol’s camp, but looking at the transcript, Kim suggested that we work together about 20 times.”

▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC ‘Straight’ on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC 'Straight' on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC ‘Straight’ on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC 'Straight' on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC ‘Straight’ on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC 'Straight' on the 16th.
▲ Captured the broadcast screen of MBC ‘Straight’ on the 16th.

Kim told this reporter, “Just stand in line on both sides. you don’t know where it will be So just cross your legs. Because power is scary,” he said, referring to the YouTube channel Garosero Research Center, “Those ○○s are completely like that, aren’t they? They are ○ people like ○○○.” Regarding the country situation in 2019, he said, “I am not going to conduct a national investigation that big. Kim said, “This (Yoon Seok-yeol approval rating) was raised by the Moon Jae-in administration. Politics should always know that there are enemies on their side,” he said.

Regarding the #MeToo, he said, “I’m sure the conservatives take care of it.” Everything that pops up on #MeToo doesn’t happen because they don’t pay for it. I don’t have money, so I’ll have to spread the wind. I understand everything,” he said. Then he said, “It’s too bleak for people to live. I feel sorry for Ahn Hee-jung, but honestly. Me and my uncle (Yoon Seok-yeol) are very on the side of Ahn Hee-jung.” In response to this, Kim’s side apologized in writing, saying, “I made very inappropriate remarks in the process of criticizing some liberals and liberals who exploited sex.”

Regarding the allegations surrounding him, he said, “I don’t like going to night clubs. I’m a very spiritual person, so I’d rather read books and talk to guru’s. I like it because there are so many things that don’t match. Because I never did Julie.” In a written response sent to MBC, Mr. Kim’s side said, “CEO Geon-hee Kim is not involved in the political activities of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, nor is he involved in the election campaign.”

The production team of MBC’s ‘Straight’ said on the same day, “Among the 7 hours and 45 minutes of recording, only content that is of public interest in terms of the people’s right to know is carefully broadcast, so we clearly state that the people’s claim of power as a political operation is different from the truth.” did. On the other hand, on the same day, in the comments on the YouTube channel ‘Straight’, “It’s futile to wait all day”, “It feels like I only heard Kim Geon-hee’s excuses”, “Let’s go find the full version”, “Kim Geon-hee is smarter than I thought”, “Yoon Seok-yeol’s approval rating will increase Disappointed reactions to the broadcast such as ” were the majority.



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