Kim Gun-hee TPO… Spain ‘white line and accessories’ in June → London ‘all black, no accessories’ in September

President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Kun-hee, arrived in London on the 18th (left) to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Right, Kim Gun-hee’s fashion when she stepped out in Madrid, Spain on June 27 (local time). A white A-line dress, necklace, brooch, and bracelet contrasted this London-bound outfit. This is a fashion tailored to President Yoon’s diplomacy, including sympathy and attending the NATO summit. © News1

President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife Kim Gun-hee arrived in London, England on the afternoon of the 18th (local time).

First Lady Kim, who came to London to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England, wore an ‘all black’ dress and no accessories, so she looked completely different to her visit to Madrid, Spain three months ago back.

Such fashion of Ms. Kim seems to be an intention to be faithful to the diplomacy of sympathy corresponding to the TPO (time, place, situation).

Previously, during the trip, Kim chose a white A-line dress code when accompanying President Yoon to the NATO summit at the end of June. Cody (harmony) was introduced.

In addition, the type and color of the necklace was different depending on the situation, and bracelets and jewels were used appropriately.

In response, Park Ji-won, former director of the National Intelligence Service, etc., praised her fashion sense, saying, “Mrs. Kim has raised her national dignity.”

On the other hand, the Democratic Party of Korea attacked that Mrs. Kim seems to be wearing a ‘Van Cleef & Arpels’ necklace (60 million won), a ‘Cartier’ bracelet (15 million won), and an expensive brooch, and that these accessories were not on the property declaration list during her trip to Spain

The presidential office blocked the claims, saying, “Of the three ornaments (worn on tour), two were borrowed from an acquaintance and one was purchased from a small business owner.

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