Kim Gyeong-yul “Walking a dog is an outright political act… Asking for a dog ticket”

Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol attended an animal aid organization’s adoption promotion for abandoned dogs during the time of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office in March 2019. President Yoon is raising 4 dogs and 3 abandoned cats, including adopting 2 abandoned dogs. (Internet Community Capture) © News1

On the 18th, accountant Kim Gyeong-yul, former head of the co-executive director of the Participatory Solidarity, attacked the prosecutor’s disciplinary committee and the passport on the 18th, pretending to point out that the actions of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, who went on a pet dog walk, were “an explicit political act”.

President Yoon took a walk in the garden of an apartment complex around his home in Seocho-gu with his dog Tori (Jindo dog) at around 10:30 am on the day of being honest two days. When reporters watched him, Yoon made a light turn and hurried away.

Accountant Kim, who delivered this news, aimed at Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, who requested disciplinary action in addition to the Disciplinary Committee, which suspended President Yoon for violating political neutrality obligations, saying, “You are doing very explicit political actions.”

Accountant Kim Pechin said, “It is correct to see it as a political move to ask pets for votes. “It is a violation of the obligation to be politically neutral,” he quarreled with his passport with a sarcastic comment. During the inspection of the state affairs on October 22 last year, when asked about his career after he retired, President Yoon replied, “I will think about how to serve the public,” suggesting political participation. And gave birth to several interpretations. One week later, President Yoon, who visited the Daejeon High Prosecutors’ Office and the District Prosecutor’s Office, said, “If you retire, you will not be able to open a lawyer for two years and you will become an unemployed. How do you say,’I will become an unemployed and live watching three puppies’ at the National Audit Office?” Yoon is usually interested in abandoned dogs, such as attending animal rescue groups.

It is reported that Yoon is raising 7 companion animals, including two abandoned dogs, including Tori, who took a walk with him on the day, 2 normal dogs, and 3 abandoned cats.

Tori is an abandoned dog adopted by President Yoon through an animal rescue organization in 2012.

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