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‘Kim Ha-sung Season 3’San Diego loses 4-7 to Houston

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San Diego Kim Ha-sung hit a two-point home run against Houston. © AFP=News1

Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) fired the 3rd gun in the season, but it did not prevent the team from losing.

Ha-sung Kim started the match against the Houston Astros in the 2021 Major League, held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on the 31st (Korean time), starting with a sixth batter and third baseman and recorded two RBIs in four at-bats (one home run).

Kim Ha-sung’s season batting average rose slightly from 0.194 to 0.195.

On this day, Kim Ha-sung could not attack opponent starting pitcher Jack Grainky. Kim Ha-seong, who resigned from the first at-bat after two shots in the second inning with a left fielder fly, touched the first ball in the second at-bat from the two shots, first and third base in the fourth inning and lowered her head with a foul fly.

Afterwards, Kim Ha-seong, who was the lead batter in the 7th inning, only flies to the third baseman, exploded in the 4th at-bat in the 9th, behind 1-7.

After Will Myers fired a home run, Kim Ha-seong, who was at bat from 1st base, struck a 92.5-mile ultra-ball cutter from the changed pitcher Andre Scrub and connected it to a left-handed two-run gun. It was the third gun of the season and was a home run of only 13 games after the St. Louis Cardinals on the 16th.

San Diego scored 3 points in the 9th with a home run of Kim Ha-sung, but lost 4-7 without being able to score an extra point.

Starting pitcher Blake Snell gave up momentum early as he collapsed with 5 hits in 3 innings (1 home run), 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and 7 runs. San Diego played a game with Joe Musgrove as the second pitcher after Snell, but the flow of the game did not change.

On the other hand, Houston’s starter Grainky won his fifth win of the season with 6 hits (1 home run) in 8 innings, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and 1 run point.

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